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9 10 2008

One of the most memorable stories of the Beachland is the time Glenn Tilbrook and the Fluffers were late for a show because the bus broke down several miles outside of town. Glenn had the bus towed right to the club and dropped across the street on Waterloo. And because he has a knack for creating fun in any situation, Tilbrook came inside and announced to the waiting and seated audience that they all had to help unload the bus if they wanted to get this show going. So nearly 100 people marched outside and grabbed amps and instruments and the stage was set and going in 20 minutes.

In fact Glenn has had so much fun at the Beachland over several visits– including a crazy limbo session in the tavern during a Downtown Soulville after his ballroom show, plus he spent a few days at our house while we found him a new bus/RV — that’s he’s written a song called “Beachland Ballroom.”

He recently emailed an unmastered version to us and then actually came to the club after the Squeeze show at Tower City Amphitheater on August 30 and played it on our tavern stage, joined by all the other touring Squeeze members except Chris Difford. It was also his birthday at midnight and we were forewarned by his booking agent, so we got a cake and helped him celebrate. Drummer Simon Hanson whispered, “You know Glenn arranged this entire tour so he could celebrate his birthday at the Beachland.” Indeed, we had gone to the Tower City show and Glenn had announced with great glee that he was headed to the Beachland after the show and invited the entire audience to join him. There are clips of that on You Tube. So both of Squeeze’s buses ended up in our parking lot that night and the few people who did make it out to the Beachland, plus the crowd who were already there to hear local rockers Balls of Fire, got an extra-special treat when Glenn and the guys took over the tavern stage and the instruments after BOF finished.

On Sunday, Oct 5, an interview with Tilbrook and Difford was aired on A&E’s Private Sessions and we are told by our friend Dave Swanson that Tilbrook mentioned the Beachland and the song, but we’re still trying to track down a clip. We just got word yesterday that Glenn and the Fluffers will be heading our way in March “in support of that ‘Beachland Ballroom’ single.”

Glenn’s support of the Beachland is greatly appreciated and he told me — even though we were in the thick of celebrating his birthday with shots at the bar — that the Beachland is the most important club in America and we have to keep it going.

Glenn, you’re ability to light up our stage has created some of our favorite memories…so the feeling is mutual.




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17 10 2008
The Beachland Ballroom launches a blog

[…] Beachland folks have launched a blog that already has a couple of entries, including a great story about Glen Tilbrook of Squeeze and his longtime love affair with the […]

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