Lowe Down and Catch Up

25 05 2009

So sorry to have lost track of this blog, but getting back on track….this a post I wrote in the fall and never got up, but I now think it might help motivate some of you to get out to the Wreckless Eric/Amy Rigby show on Tues. July  28.

In October were excited to host Nick Lowe, who delivered a solo show in our ballroom to a wonderfully attentive standing-room audience. It was right before the election and it sure did our progressive heart good to hear “what’s so funny about peace love and understanding” being sung by the master himself, and with some of the crowd softly singing along, it felt like church. After the show, Lowe got to visit with his old mate, Wreckless Eric Goulden, who was hanging in Cleveland for a few days with wife/and Beachland buddy Amy Rigby. Back in the Stiff Records ’70s, Lowe had produced Eric’s hit record “Whole Wide World,” a song later covered by many including The Proclaimers and Paul Westerberg. So if any of you felt you awere waiting a bit for autographs upstairs, it was because Nick and Eric were catching up in the green room. An added treat was how excited our tavern performer that night, Jennifer O’Connor, was to meet Amy Rigby. O’Connor is growing out of the current Brooklyn scene on Matador and obviously knows Rigby’s history as part of the Hoboken crowd that spawned Yo La Tengo. And Amy’s “Diary of a Mod Housewife” is an inspiration for any female singer/songerwriter. Although Amy and Eric now live in France, Rigby still has her American base in Cleveland where she lived for a couple years while she and ex-husband Will Rigby (from the dBs) got daughter Hazel through high school at Shaker. There’s a great song on the new Wreckless Eric/Amy Rigby CD called “Astrovan,” telling an emotional and funny tale of her van being stolen in Cleveland and dumped “on the other side of town.” — Cindy Barber




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