Rainday Roundup

28 05 2009

We know it sounds so 2005 (six? seven?), but this whole blog situation is terribly exciting. The point here is to keep all of you fine folks out there in Webworld appraised of developments within the walls of the Beachland, as well as those of our friends Waterloo and North Collinwood-at-large. We’ll try not to inundate and drown you, though; we’ve got today’s weather for that!

Tonight (5/28) we’ll have a very special club-thumping CD release party by Cleveland’s This Is A Shakedown!, who got a nice profile in this week’s SCENE magazine. Apparently they’re bringing in their own light rig–hope they can fit it through the Ballroom doors! They’re also bringing in international wax-banger Terry Urban and the two-man production team of the Kickdrums, who’ve been so kind as to throw their “Smash The System” mixtape for download.  On this joint you’ll find remixes of Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, and Talib Kweli.  We hope to have pics of tonight’s party up soon.

Friday night (5/29) brings us to our Red Dawn II/Self Destruct Button show (mentioned earlier today), and the umpteenth annual Prom Night! You read it right: wear prom gear, listen to prom tunes, and engage in prom-ly activities. Warning: making out behind the dumpster in the back is NOT advised.   Prom Night features featuring cover sets by Helper T-Cells, Good Morning Valentine, Saint Ohio and Living Stereo, who you can see here:

Saturday night’s show (5/30) is a dual CD release gig with orchestral pop group Expecting Rain (download their new recordings, Irish Twin and In Love HERE) and the rollicking late 60s/early 70s folk rock of Mike St. Jude and the Valentines, whose Here’s To Your Black and Blue Heart should appeal to both garage rockers and Americana fans.

We’ll leave you with some original audio & video brought to us by friends of friends.  Music Saves regulars Marissa and Kevin shot and composed music to their own Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism video.  Apparently Cleveland tourist videos are all the rage now.  You know what’s even better? Getting out and experiencing the city for yourself.  Enjoy! – EAS




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