Friday, May 29th: Red Dawn II, Self Destruct Button, Beautiful Mothers, The Guile

28 05 2009

Red Dawn II, and friendRegarding this Friday night’s fest of fury: if we had a nickel for every riff, we’d all be rich.  But you do the math (rock); if not, just dig on this four-band bill of hellaciously noisy, confrontational, and generally bad-ass rock, as only Clevelanders can concoct (or host).

Akron/Kent/Cleveland band The Guile opens this set ’round 9 pmish.  Seattle three-piece Beautiful Mothers are headed for a bro-down with a sound reminiscent of Cleveland heroes Disengage.   

In the penultimate slot, we eagerly welcome back to the Beachland stage Self Destruct Button, whose music can go from a caress to a gutpunch in moments. Comprised of Nate Scheible (X Bolex, Land of Buried Treasure), Rich Raponi (Neo Nothing), Brendan Sedlak (Clan of the Cave Bear), and Ron Kretsch (Biblical Proof of UFOs, Proletarian Art Threat, Lives of the Saints), this frenetic combo have a full-length slated for a summer ’09 release. And here are a pair of cuts for your downloading pleasure:

Self Destruct Button, “A Corpse In The Mouth”

Self Destruct Button, “Quintessence NOW!”

Our very special guests on this very special bill are NYers Red Dawn II, featuring not only Alison from Ecstatic Peace artists Awesome Color on drums, but ex-Clevelander Wolfy aka Jef Scharf, a fine musician, upstanding young artist (who used to crank out many a Beachland/Grog/Pat’s In the Flats poster), co-founder of famed screenprinting company Kayrock and as good of a drinking bud you’d find anywhere.  To paraphrase Wesley Willis (RIP), Red Dawn II will “whup Batman’s ass”. – EAS




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