This Is Cleveland (All The Stuff I See) @ Low Life Gallery June 12

9 06 2009
Low Life Gallery: This Is Cleveland: All The Stuff I See

Low Life Gallery: This Is Cleveland: All The Stuff I See

Over the last couple of years, it’s been nice to see the City of Cleveland not waving the metaphorical white flag of dystopian defeat, but the banner of civic pride (which might have a plum hue, if you remember that early 80s marketing schtick as well as this amazing New York Times article does).  Though we’re all a bit loathe to ditch our football n’ pierogies aesthetic, this town seems to at least agreed to tighten up its rust belt and get a bit leaner and greener heading into the early 21st century.

Now, it can be said that much of the flag-waving, as in the hands of any good majorette, has a certain amount of ‘spin’  to it.  Understandably, those worthy individuals and organizations who are spearheading the charge for A Better Cleveland utilitze mass media’s power to elicit awareness and change on a local level.  On the other hand, a word from the rank-and-file–the “you” and “me” in this Cleveland equation–should be heard.  And that’s where Low Life Gallery’s upcoming “This Is Cleveland (All The Stuff I See)” show comes in.

Here’s the premise:

What happens when you provide disposable cameras to 30 people selected at random and allow them to photograph “their” Cleveland over a 10 day period?

Certainly it’s a social experiment, but shouldn’t street-based (for lack of a better term) art have that component? This is a show that promises to stir up fun and frank conversation concerning the ups and downs of Our Fair City.

Low Life Gallery is located right down the street from the Beachland: 16001 Waterloo Road.  The “This Is Cleveland” opening is on Friday, June 12th, from 7 – 11 pm.  Expect music, food, booze, and all of the usual good stuff that makes a Cleveland art opening worthwhile.

When all the wine, tasty cheese, and little crackers at the reception are gone, and you’ve made a handful of new best friends, find the Beachland doors and let yourself in for some big rock, as The Phoebe Cates and Party of Helicopters, both well-known names from Kent’s underground music scene, reconvene Friday night for a good, loud time.  If you need a hint, dig on these vids:

The Phoebe Cates, “Eden Express Part 1”

Party of Helicopters, “Toucher”


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