Wednesday with the Whiskey Daredevils, Metromix, and more

10 06 2009
Hillbilly Casino/Whiskey Daredevils/Death By Rodeo: tonight

Hillbilly Casino/Whiskey Daredevils/Death By Rodeo: tonight

Yesterday’s bit of Beachland news announced this Friday’s Low Life Gallery “This Is Cleveland (All The Stuff That I See)” opening.  Today we turn our eyes toward another neighbor, The Waterloo Cafe, on 15601 Waterloo Road, which was brought to our attention through the Arts Collinwood blog.   The full article, written by the Plain Dealer’s Tony Brown, is here.

It’s a place where one can grab a bite before tonight’s two shows: Metromix‘s Red Water Rojo/Coffinberry/Jackson Rohm/Carlisha show in the Tavern, and the hellacious Ballroom show starring Hillbilly Casino and the Whiskey Daredevils.  Lightweights, please exercise caution upon entering this roomful of rock n’ roll.  

The Daredevils have returned, sauced, salted and seasoned, from a recent tour of Germany.  They’ve kept enough of their sanity and sobriety to write little tour diary gems like this:

The accommodations are at Martin’s house (the promoter). The best way to describe Martin is as “fat and jolly”. It’s like if Santa was the soundman, grew out a pony tail, and instead of laughing “Ho Ho Ho”, he laughed “Te hee hee hee”. We have a case of Weikenoher Klolterbrauerei we take from the club, and head over to Martin’s apartment. (Side note: If I ran that brewery, my advertising campaign for that beer would be “Weikenoher Klolterbrauerei: Ask for it by name!”) 

The remainder of that entry, and others, are on the Whiskey Daredevils website.  Here’s a look at Hillbilly Casino covering a Chuck Berry classic:

Also on the docket for this next few days: Physical Rockett, the Wussy/Doug Gillard double bill, and the Phoebe Cates/Party of Helicopters bash.  All of which you can find, in short order, on the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern website.

And for those of you keeping track, this coming Monday night’s Hold Steady show is SOLD OUT.  Surprised?


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