Low Life Gallery Updates, Ken & Kathy Janssen’s Wedding Reception After Party, Hold Steady, and upcoming shows

11 06 2009
A scene from Ken Janssen's Wedding Reception After Party, this Saturday night

A scene from Ken Janssen's Wedding Reception After Party, this Saturday night

 (First order of business: A big thank-you goes out to those of you who’ve read and disseminated these posts throughout the blogosphere and beyond. Please share beachlandballroom.wordpress.com and especially www.beachlandballroom.com as much as you can. In addition to being in the early stages of learning SEO stuff (that’s Search Engine Optimization, if you’re clueless as some of us at HQ are) we’re also slightly behind on the proliferating blog culture that’s sprouted up in Northeast Ohio. To paraphrase the old catchphrase, “brother, can you spare a dime?” is now, “sister, can you spare a link?”)

Beachland Blog now resumes its usual broadcast session. Updates are as follows:

ONE: Thanks to the Facebook generosity of photographer/music enthusiast Mr. Steve Barrett, we now have a list of who’ll be showing at tomorrow night’s Low Life Gallery opening of “This Is Cleveland: All The Stuff I See“:

Steve Barrett (aka Lightning Fingers)
John G
The Sign Guy

Bill Rupnik (from Architecture Gallery/William Rupnik Gallery)
Leigh Ring (Pink Eye Magazine & Ring Art & Design)
Cleveland SGS
Rick Sans (from Sans Oceana Clothing and x-Above This Fire)
Leia Alligator (Afternoon Naps, Picklefight Puppet Theater)
Ray Scott (Helper T-Cells)
Carol (aka Miss Firecracker)
Marijana Oroz
Allisun Hovater

Heather Young
Genna Petrolla
Dave Desimone
and many more….

TWO:  That Hold Steady band your friends might have heard about? These dudes with the lyrical twists and the jackhammer riffs (here on Letterman)?

Playing this coming Monday at the Beachland? SOLD OUT. Uh-huh.  Hopefully you didn’t roll your rock dice and come up snake eyes on this one.

THREE:   Saturday night’s an open invitation to the Wedding Reception After Party of Ken Janssen and his wife Kathy.  See, they got married a while back, but decided to hold back on their reception until they felt the party irons were sufficiently hot. And they will be–Ken,  frontman for dude rockers The Hot Rails, and Beachland employee–never fails to throw a swingin’ bash.  He’s the mastermind behind this Friday night’s Phoebe Cates/Party of Helicopters shindig; he’s also the one throwing what promises to be a madcap Saturday, with Karaoke and a Downtown Soulville session in the Tavern.  This shindig starts ’round 11 pm, which means this might possibly be the start of a very long nightcap for you and yours.  Always thought it’d be fun to crash someone’s wedding celebration? Well, now you can.

FOUR:  Coming up very, very soon, the Beachland will host the  Detroit Cobras and Ozric Tentacles . Not on the same bill, though.  Too many synapses would fry.

The Detroit Cobras play sexy, sultry, and dirty rock n’ roll on Wednesday, June 17th.  Fog up your windows to  “Cha Cha Twist” :

The Ozric Tentacles get psychedelic on Thursday, June 18th.  See and hear “Chewier”:

PS. We are quickly approaching the date of the Waterloo Arts Fest.  This year it is Sat June 27th. We still have lots of projects to wrap up and could use YOUR help! Contact Amy at allahanjr@sbcglobal.net for ways YOU can help.

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11 06 2009

i stumbled upon a photo from the hold steady’s first show in cleveland from five years ago in the tavern, check it: http://www.pbase.com/tremont/image/29445939

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