Tonight: Enon / D.Rider (ex-US Maple)/Arte Povera 2 for 1 Deal

19 06 2009
Enon / D - Rider / Arte Povera

Enon / D - Rider / Arte Povera

Wondering what to do tonight?

If you’re of a certain age or disposition, the following lyrics chime in your head with a faraway echo: 

“So you’re scared and you’re thinking / That maybe we ain’t that young anymore” moans out, because you’ve heard Springsteen’s “Thunder Road” just how many times today? And you can relate a little, because Friday nights don’t seem as fun.  There’s wives, husbands, girlfriendboyfriends, the ol’ drinkin’ and drivin’ blues, Saturday morning workshifts, the fact that you can’t stay awake past  10 pm anymore, and yeah, the scene ain’t what it used to be, dude.

If you’re of a certain age or disposition, you also don’t really listen to music that isn’t twittered/tweeted/electronically spoonfed to you. You also realized that while being different makes you friends, being different might make you, well, different.  Those buddies you had? Change your clothes and mp3 collection and they might be on a Megabus riding Right Outta Your Life. 

(We realize the aforementioned paragraphs express decidedly juvenile content, and apologize to the necessary extent. Given that, it’s time to shake you out of your world-weary stupor and perhaps get you to try tonight’s ENON / D.RYDER / ARTE POVERA show at the Beachland.

Print, clip, or render by hand the above coupon and get a sweet TWO-FOR-ONE deal for tonight’s show.

Wonder what big risk you’re taking? Here are two faces/sounds of Enon, one dipped in an electronic sex bath:

This one, a bit more treblesome, from Enon’s performance at Touch and Go  Records’ 25th Anniversary several years ago:

Here’s a special note that might sway fence-sitters, especially if they’re survivors of the early/mid-90s midwestern underground rock boom.  In addition to Clevelanders Arte Povera in the opening slot, tonight’s show features an appearance by D.Rider, a band that partly answers the question, “Whatever the hell happened to U.S. Maple?”  From D.Rider’s video below, it’s quite apparent that Maple guitarist Todd Rittman still has a screw loose and his heart in the right, properly sinister place:

Kansas City’s Wayward Blog writes:

 “D. Rider‘s Mother of Curses is at once artful, playful and sinister — a cacking 1930s cartoon villain sentenced to hang because of what he did to the heroine just after he tied her to the train tracks….Rittman is the founding guitarist of U.S. Maple and Singer, two Drag City bands marked for their deconstructive approach to rock: atonal, arhythmic, dissonant, yet still structured just enough to where you knew what they were about. With those groups, rock is the language, but the syntax is drastically askew.”

So there you have it.   Tonight, take risk without breaking the bank.  Tickets for this and other shows are available at


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