Van Der Graaf Generators, Tonka Trucks, Founding Fathers, and more

24 06 2009
Its Trivia Day!

It's Trivia Day!

In light of certain rough developments ’round the world and in our backyard these days, today’s blog will be ‘easy-breezy’, as some are found of saying. Yeah, we’ve got wayward Southern governors lost in the embraces of some mina in Buenos Aires, North Koreans threatening to blow us to bits, trouble in Tehran, and a heat wave that’s smacking the cold out of Cleveland. It’s tough out there.

Consequently, we’ll dose you with a bit of rarified information and pointless kaffeklatsch trivia while you pry away from the news and pry your fingers from your AC unit. It’s Beachland-based, so hopefully this brain candy will have you looking forward to our upcoming shows, which you can check out at

Could I build my very own Van Der Graaf Generator? (cf. Thursday, June 25th)

What is the history of  the Tonka Truck? (cf. Thursday, June 25th)

Who invented the historical term “Arte Povera“? (cf. Saturday, June 27th)

Who first manufactured the Yo-Yo in the United States? (cf. Saturday, June 27th)

Who were the Founding Fathers? (cf. Friday, June 26th)


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