Metromix and Fieri in Review

16 07 2009

Say, these Guy Fieri Watch posts are kinda fun.  Let’s not forget the rest of the world, though: Sotomayor hearings, healthcare capers, the space shuttle Endeavour‘s safely past our stratosphere, and–hey, fellas!–Amy Winehouse  is single now!

Enough of that; back to Fieri: his fanblog’s posted other places he visited on his Cleveland stops:  Of course, should other Fieri-sightings crop up, we’ll have them posted here. And if you, The Reading Public, should become aware of any similar notices, please drop us a line and we’ll bend our internet ear.

Speaking of earfuls, Cleveland Metromix’s Summer Concert Series pleased the auditory channels of those who showed up for performances by Kristine Jackson, Lords of the Highway, Pale Hollow, and the Suede Brothers.  Herein we have a whole slew of pics provided by the Metromixers, who were kind enough to make us part of their online entertainment world:


Metromix @ Beachland Weds July 15

Tonight’s Beachland show features the Stevie Ray-styled blues of Indigenous, and the drinking folk of Deer Tick and Cleveland’s Magpies, who you can see here:

THIS JUST IN: Tonight, Beachland neighbor Blue Arrow Records and Books hosts a FREE 6:30 show with bands Big Knife and Eyesight Television.  Their very special guest DJ is Will Rigby, drummer for Steve Earle, the dBs, Chris Stamey, and other luminaries.  Check out the flyer HERE.

For ticketing and times, go to





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