Tonight: Colin Hay (from Men At Work)

17 07 2009
Colin Hay (from Men At Work) tonight @ Beachland

Colin Hay (from Men At Work) tonight @ Beachland

It’s funny how the merging streams within contemporary media–music, video, you name it–have also caused musical history to bend, fold and twirl on itself like a mobius strip.   It isn’t simply lightweight nostalgia at work, but a kind of archeology of the ear.  That’s what’s propelled former Men At Work frontman Colin Hay once again in front of conscious listeners.  In this case, that band’s haunting pop hit “Overkill”  is refashioned as a darkly humorous case of a one-man greek chorus (in Hay’s case, Australian) in an episode of “Scrubs”:

Not unlike Hay’s angelic character in this clip, his career’s been resurrected by new generations re-listening to the Men At Work catalog–a far more enjoyable feat than perhaps delving into other 80s kitsch–and hopefully digging into his solo discography, found on Hay’s website. Hay plays tonight in the Ballroom, with opener Greg Townson, of the Hi-Risers.

Ethnic percussion fiends  might take an interest in Saturday’s all-day drum clinics, hosted by Val Sarrant, Sikiru Adepuju, and Raquy Danziger. Who, you might say, are these people? Brought to Cleveland by members of the Starwood community, these artists are  world-class educators and performers who’ll also be performing later that night.  The music will combine different percussion traditions from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, while incorporating traditional dance and rock n’ roll sounds. 

To learn more about each of them, click on their names; and to find out more about the afternoon workshops and night time gig, go to


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