BBQ and Bootsy: Follow Up To The Throwdown

28 07 2009
Bootsy Collins @ BBQ Throwdown

Bootsy Collins @ BBQ Throwdown

Thanks to all who came out to’s 1st Ever Rock and Roll BBQ Throwdown this past Sunday.  Though it’s not written a such in conventional culinary dictionaries, a “throwdown” means a tossing of the glove in the culinary ring; a sweetly-seasoned”I dare you”; a tale of the tastiest.  The blog Fun Playing With Food provides  photos detailing this past Sunday’s culinary excellence:

Also adding to this nice narrative is blogger Bridget Callahan, who raves about the sweet treats–ice cream and popcorn–that rocked her tummy.

Rocking the crowd through the mere funk of his presence was legendary bassist Bootsy Collins.  Bootsy, a Cincy native, came to spread the word about his own BBQ chain as well as add some get-down to the Throwdown. provides you with some Bootsy and some other party insights.




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