Tonight: Candye Kane, Jitterbug Lessons, Grovewood Tavern

5 08 2009
Candye Kane @ Beachland Tonight

Candye Kane @ Beachland Tonight

“Let joy be unconfined. Let there be dancing in the streets, drinking in the saloons, and necking in the parlor” – Groucho Marx, A Night At The Opera

With this quote, and without further adieu, we present to you tonight’s extravaganza: tonight’s Candye Kane show, which features top-notch eating, drinking and dancing highlights, that YOU, the customer, can enjoy. The necking–well, you’re on your own. We don’t really have a parlor, anyway.

Enjoy two-for-one tickets to this captivating swing singer’s set by bringing tonight (and tonight’s only) dinner check from our neighbors, the Grovewood Tavern. Located in the North Collinwood area, the Grovewood features a comfy pub atmosphere with high-quality food and a lovingly-rendered list of spirits.  Here’s a brief review of this restaurant in the Plain Dealer, which gives you a run-down of the Grovewood’s standard offerings.  Keep in mind, however, that the kitchen’s always changing things up while staying true to their delicious course.  Your best bet with this hidden Cleveland gem is to just go ahead and call for more information. 

That’s Round One.  Round Two of tonight’s festivities gives you a chance to learn the Jitterbug with national dance champion and owner of Get Hep Swing, Valerie Salstrom.  With the purchase of a Candye Kane ticket, you’ll receive a free lesson starting at 7:30 pm in the Beachland Ballroom.  Here’s a short video from a couple of years back showing exactly what Valerie can do–and can teach you:

Then, by 8 PM, you’ll be ready for no-holds-barred lusty blues as can only be crooned and hollered by Miss Kane.  This ain’t your grandaddy’s swing; but then again, we don’t know how he did with the ladies, either:

In the opening slot is an old friend and tourmate of Ms Kane’s, the young but talented singer/guitarist Dani Wilde.  Her wholesome demeanor belies her ardent cover of John Lee Hooker’s “In The Mood”:

Also in the opening slot are Cleveland’s hard-swingin’ jump group, Blue Lunch. For information on tonight’s show, call the Beachland at 216-383-1124.




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