Last (?) Dreadful Yawns Show Tonight

6 08 2009
Dreadful Yawns @ Beachland, tonight

Dreadful Yawns @ Beachland, tonight

Bubbling up from a cauldron of Cleveland rock n’ roll rumours, word has come forth that tonight might be the very last Dreadful Yawns show ever.

In the world of the Yawns, however, this might mean that a) the band’s mainstay, Ben Gmetro is getting into some kind of whole new bag sans the band’s name; b) the band’s lineup, which seems to change every few years, is due for a rotation; or c) the Yawns’ stellar five-plus year run is coming to an end.

The Cleveland Scene’s blog quotes the Yawns’ Myspace page:

“Are we breaking up? No, probably not,” they write. “The Yawns in some form or another will carry on. Are there going to be lineup changes? I suppose none of us knows. It’s possible we could emerge as a very different creature, or the same old ugly one.”

Given the Yawns’ night of transformation, we thought we’d give you a chance to enjoy a mixed bag of tunes from this folk-rock band’s psychedelic career. Hype Machine lists a whole batch of these for your one-click perusal.

Though this only offers brief samples, here’s the CD Baby page for the Yawns’ first release on Chicago’s Undertow Records, EarlyWe’ll follow that up with some selections from their ramblin’ foray into ‘cosmic cowboy’ rock, which was a self-titled release on BOMP! Records. Click HERE for those tunes.

Here’s the Yawns continued their Gram Parsons/Burrito Brothers trip, with “November Nights” from their Rest album:

A lineup change put the Yawns more squarely into the world of garage-psych.  Here’s a video from their most recent release, Take Shape, for “Queen and the Jokester”:

More information about tonight’s show is available at





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