Garage Rock with Gringo Star, Monday Night

24 08 2009
Gringo Star on wheels

Gringo Star on wheels

Among one of the beauties of Atlanta-based Gringo Star is the fact that they can sound like some permutation of the Kinks while penning a tune called “All Y’all”.    With any luck, this Monday night’s Beachland show is gonna be a lot like what you see in this video–kind of a riff on hip-hop party videos.  Except this one has a Segway:

A recent Spin magazine post gives some backstory to these ATL loonies. And to you, the Reader,  can hear and download psychedelic sock-hop tune “Come On Now”.  But it’s not all British Invasion poses with these guys; “Tonight the Moon Doesn’t Matter” and “Ask Me Why” works as the soundtrack to a haunting moonlight drive full of sleep-deprived spookiness.

Sleep-deprived are what these fellows must be, what with a relentless touring and recording schedule that brought them to this year’s Lollapalooza.  Yet despite those long miles and relentless nights logged, Gringo Star always puts on a high-energy show, as a Lollapalooza reviewer attests.   And we get the feeling that a Monday night in Cleveland won’t keep Gringo Star from raising some rock n’ roll hell.

Opening this show are the excellent The Modern Electric and the hard-working Kid Tested, both from Cleveland.  Seven bucks gets you in.





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