Tonight @ Beachland: Yo La Tengo

5 10 2009

Yo La Tengo? They’re kind of a big deal.  You might have heard of them. You might even be going to this show, too.

To ably prep you for tonight’s concert with this highly influential trio, here are some tunes for your listening and watching pleasure. We’re talking almost twenty years of pop that’s exceeded and redefined indie rock expectations. So enjoy the variety.

This one’s from their newest, Popular Songs:

Here, YLT gets down with some plushly amped hyperfuzz on “From A Buick 6”, dating back to the early 90s:

The amps start melting, and Ira starts trying to rip the strings off his Strat with “Mushroom Cloud of Hiss””

For those of you more melodically inclined, here’s Yo La Tengo jamming with Wilco, from a few years back:

Finally, we have YLT performing with members of their Jersey forebears, the legendary Feelies.  Hear and feel the rock n’ roll celebration as the band blazes loudly through the Velvet Underground’s “What Goes On” and the Modern Lovers “Roadrunner” at a New Year’s Eve gig. 

Total fun up there, right? Undeground rock heaven. We hope tonight’s Yo La Tengo show is just as good!

Tickets are available HERE, or by calling 216-383-1124. Hurry!





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