Califone brings music and film @ Beachland, this Wednesday

13 10 2009

Released in 2004, Califone’s Heron King Blues was the musical response to a recurring dream experienced by bandleader Tim Rutili, that of a large bird-man.  This album meanders, seemingly lost in the woods of American blues and folk, until it reveals a shimmering brook of melody, or a dense underbrush of maddening dissonance.  As in the case of dreams, nothing in Califone’s world seems–or sounds–to be exactly what it is.

It’s no surprise, then, that a band who frequently invoke the power of the subconscious, should also deal in waking life’s analogue to dreams: film.  Throughout its lifespan, Califone has frequently been involved in attempts to meld the visual with the aural.  As Rutili explains in a past interview,

“Books and movies feed into the music that we make as much or more than listening to other music,” he said. For Califone it’s all about cross-pollination. Everything Rutili absorbs goes into the songs he creates.

Califone’s latest project, which comes to the Beachland this Wednesday, is All My Friends Are Funeral Singers.  It’s not only the band’s new CD on the Dead Oceans label, but it’s a film written and directed by Rutili, which will receive live accompaniment compliments of Califone. 

Here’s the trailer from All My Friends Are Funeral Singers:

And a tune, whet your appetite and ready your ears for what promises to be an intriguing blend of underground music and film:

Califone, Funeral Singers

We wrap things up this ish by linking to Cleveland Bachelor’s interview with the very same Tim Rutili, who discusses the band’s new release amidst the interviewer’s hacking cough.

Tickets for this show are available at, by calling 216-383-1124, or by visiting these fine Cleveland-based retailers.






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