Weekend Assortment @ Beachland

14 10 2009

If you haven’t gotten tickets to Thursday’s sold-out They Might Be Giants show, Jack (or Jill), you are clean out of luck.  Yet to accompany you, Dear Reader, click on this link for a great big playlist of TMBG tunes from their entire 20 year career, as posted by an enthusiastic listener on playlist.com.

Even if you can’t attend They Might Be Giants’ special Flood show, you can still check out Ms. Leia Alligator’s saucy, sarcastic, and funny PickleFight Puppet show in the Tavern, before TMBG’s set.  You’ll meet the following characters:

Seriously, this is some wildly creative and silly stuff, as can only be born out of the rusty absurdity that is Cleveland, Ohio.  On Friday, the absurdly melodic roots rock reinventors who call themselves Dr. Dog return to the Beachland.  Here’s a live session from Relix’s Cold Turkey online radio session.  We also feature Dr. Dog’s “The Ark”, courtesy of stereogum.com.

“The Old Days”, also by Dr. Dog:

On Friday night, we feature Yourself & The Air, Craig Ramsey and the Nice People, and The Republic Tigers, whose wistful, atmospheric folk-rock you can check out here, as they appeared on Late Night with Dave Letterman:

The Republic Tigers play this Friday night in the Tavern. For more information and tickets, go to www.beachlandballroom.com.




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