Coming Up: Curtis Harvey, Geoff Farina, Los Straitjackets, and El Vez

8 12 2009

El Vez and Los Straitjackets, this Wednesday


The 90s: Not Just Retro Anymore (Was It Ever?):

It’s good to know that talented artists from the 90s underground music scene are still thriving beneath the radar of magazines, blogs, and other media detritus (such as Jawbox, who reunite to play on network TV on December 8th) .  That doesn’t mean they’ve gone unrecognized, however; singer/songwriter guitarist Geoff Farina, formerly of early 90s band Karate, has become a composer of film music, an archivist (specializing in artists such as Cleveland’s own Albert Ayler), a scholar, and a writer for beloved recording mag Tape Op.  Read more about Farina courtesy of this NPR podcast.

Farina’s new band, similar to Karate but inflected with jazz and folk nuances, is named Glorytellers.  You can see them here, in mellow action:

Also on the bill is multi-instrumentalist Curtis Harvey, who also did 90s time with post-rock band Pullman and the slow-moving Rex.  Curtis Harvey still takes a laid-back approach to his new material, while incorporating an Appalchian folk twang to create new songs that travel buoyantly swingin’ paths far from indie rock’s occasional doldrums. His new record, Box of Stones, is on the UK’s Fat Cat label. Hear some songs complements of Hype Machine.

Harvey, Farina, and locals The Lighthouse and The Whaler play on Tuesday, December 8th @ The Beachland.

This Wednesday, don’t tell ‘La Migra’

Though Farina and entertainer par excellence El Vez seemingly stand on opposite ends of the musical spectrum (has anyone actually stood on a musical spectrum? And if they have, what kind of sound does it make?), they’re both serious musicians.  So what if El Vez dresses like…well, Elvis.  He’s a man just as committed to the pure showbiz kitch that lies at the very heart of rock and roll, or at very least near the rock n’ roll funnybone.

Our good friend Cleveland Bachelor not only recommends the El Vez performance coming up at the Beachland on Wednesday, December 7th, but also plans on writing up a Q&A with Mr. Robert Lopez, aka El Vez very soon.  We fully expect some keen insight from Lopez, who simulataneously plays with and extols his Latino heritage not unlike the way actor John Leguizamo did in his famed Mambo Mouth and Spic-O-Rama (sans Vegas lamé get-up) This upcoming El Vez show will be full of swingin’ spoofs for those unafraid to laugh at Latino stereotypes (and for those in the crowd who just don’t get it). Check out this review of recent shows in NYC and Philly.

He’ll be backed by internationally famous Los Straitjackets, who’ll render Yuletide classics with surf-twangy aplomb. Put on your lucha libre mask and get ready for THIS. Seriously. Wow. 

Inflatable Santas might just be inherently funny.


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