Remember: Rockabilly Friday, Metal Saturday. Got it?

10 12 2009

“The thing always happens that you really believe in;
and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

One only wonders if FLW would have ever considered setting foot inside the  Beachland Ballroom this weekend. If Frank dug metal and rockabilly–perhaps admiring those genres’ refined musical architecute based on boppin’ and shreddin’–he might pay us a visit.  Yet despite our silly speculation, we figure his quote will become incarnate, as both the Auburn Records’ 25th Anniversary and the Rockabilly Holiday shows promise to shake NoCo (North Collinwood) to the Lake with die-hard believers getting down.

Belief is what’s powered Cleveland-based Auburn Records for 25 years, in the U.S. and in Europe.  For while bands like Shok Paris, Breaker, and others in the Auburn stable seem like occasional bright flashes in the heavy music scene ’round here, in Germany, the riffs of those bands move the masses. Witness Auburnites Destructor (who’ll be playing here on Saturday) totally destroy some Deuchlanders at the Wacken Festival in 2008. Dude, it’s like a battle scene from the Rings trilogy:

Read about metal commitment HERE in a PD article about this weekend’s affair.  Read about the spiritual and physical commitment of former Spudmonsters singer Don Foose, whose semi-eponymous band will also be playing on Saturday.  We could sit here and link and write all day, but the point is this: METAL = BELIEF.  That’s why a film about an unknown band–Anvil! The Story of Anvil–has resonated with thousands of people, to the point of putting its big-screen heroes on the big stage. That’s why Bill Peters, head of Auburn Records, is making this all-day festival FREE on Saturday.  It starts at 4 pm, and ends when the last head bangs.

Even if you’re not a believer, rock n’ rollers should dig this scorcher from Breaker’s Get Tough album. Breaker features noted Cleveland engineers/musicians Don Depew and Mark Klein; Get Tough came out in ’87 and is still kicking asses worldwide, once again demonstrating the staying power of this genre.

Breaker, Get Tough

Staying power and true belief is also essential to rockabilly. While it’s ebbed and flowed over the years, rockabilly’s left a world-wide hot-rod tire mark, especially after its resurgence during the 70s and 80s with bands like The Tuff Darts, The Cramps, and radio-friendly groups like the Stray Cats.  It’s been kept alive by bands like the Nekromantix, trailblazer Rev. Horton Heat, Tiger Army, and countless others.   To many, it’s not just a fashion fad, it’s a lifestyle that’s celebrated at festivals like the famed Heavy Rebel Weekender, Viva Las Vegas, and the Rock-A-Billy Festival in Jackson, Tennessee.  Its credo revolves around style and swing, girls looking like women, and guys occasionally looking like Elvis (or El Vez, depending).

Friday night will demonstrate a show of faith in The Way of Rockabilly, and also a good amount of commitment to keeping pets healthy and fed.  The 14th annual Rockabilly Holiday–which will be thumping alongside Bill Peters’ metalfest–brings CLE faves Capgun Cowboys back together with acts like sideshow artist Jimmy Coffin.  Bring cans of food for our furred friends–cats and dogs, not some dude you “partied” with last night–and you’ll get two dollars off our already cheap price of $10.

To get you up and movin’ for this Friday flock of true believers, we bring to you Mr. Duane Eddy, the originator of the term “Rockabilly Holiday”, and his cut of the same name:

Remember: rockabilly on Friday, metal on Saturday. Sunday–you choose the genre. We’ve done our job! Go forth and rock.


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