The Final Week of 2009! Come one, come all!

28 12 2009

While the Beachland gladly takes this time to wish you and yours the happiest of New Years, our current blog installment has us looking toward the very cusp of 2010 a few days from now.

That being said, don’t forget Tuesday night’s punk explosion courtesy of reunited Clevelandites The Sex Crimes, and Wednesday’s double-shot of Project / Object and the now SOLD-OUT Cowslingers reunion.

Friday night the Beachland unveils a brand new theme for the debut of 2010.  The One/One show will feature one-man/woman acts who emphasize the ‘weird’ and not the ‘singer-songwriter’ label.  We’re not trying to be purely schticky here–though we’ll certainly have some of that on this unique show.  We also mean ‘weird’ as in enchanting and mystifying; case in point, here’s an outdoor appearance by Uno Lady, who will perform Friday, January 1st in the Tavern:

(courtesy of Lou Muenz)

And though it’s a week away, let’s briefly highlight one of the bands playing in next Friday’s Scene Magazine “Bands to Watch”, The Modern Electric.  Granted, the footage is culled from the film Donnie Darko, which plays into the band’s self-described and accurate ‘cinematic pop’ label. 

The Modern Electric, “Ghost”

The Scene Magazine “Bands To Watch” showcase features The Modern Electric, Megachurch, Carly Tanchon, The Ohio Sky, and a few other promising new acts on Friday, January 8th.  Get tickets HERE; after all, they’re only five dollars.  You blew all that Christmas money, right? Why stop now?





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