New Year’s Eve Responses

1 01 2010

In preparation for the Beachland’s upcoming TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY in March, we’ve posted a variety of thoughts, comments, and thank you just in time for the dawn of 2010.  If you’ve got anything else you’d like to add to the following, email!

 “Congratulations on a decade of great music! Had to respond to your blog post, because the Beachland has become a mainstay of my musical life, bringing one great concert after another, out of an eclectic mix of acts that perfectly matches my musical tastes. Although remembering beyond the last two weeks is pretty hard, there are some shows of the many great Beachland nights that stand out. Here’s a few:

Los Lobos — Had wanted to see them in a small venue for a long time. They sauntered on stage in their unassuming, unpretentious way, then picked up their instruments and blew the roof off the place. EVERYBODY danced at this show.

Tony Levin Band — Saw Tony play with Peter Gabriel at an arena show a few weeks before this performance. It illustrated why we love music at the Beachland. Strip away the stagey crap, the 19,000 people who aren’t listening and put the show in a room where you can hear the music and feel like you’re there. Drummer Jerry Marotta had a bunch of relatives at the show cheering for him, and Tony brought him out from behind the kit to play sax on “Tequila.”

Project/Object — What a great way to end the decade! Ike and Andre laughing and joking with the crowd like they were playing in someone’s rec room. Great performances of Zappa’s music, especially some obscure instrumentals from Grand Wazoo and Waka/Jawaka.

Karl Denson Trio — After enjoying a few Tiny Universe performances, I loved seeing Karl perform a pure jazz set with just a Hammond B-3 and drums backing him.

Thanks for saving, because Music Saves!

Dan Goldberg”

“Wow Cindy
where to start. I have seen so many incredible shows at your place. My first show was Dave Davies of the Kinks. I will list my top ten of too many shows to count. I wish I lived closer than 70 miles south; you would see me there numerous times a week. Please don’t let 2010 be the last year for the place I find has the best shows of anywhere I have ever spent my time and money!!!

These are NOT in order of my faves:
Love- Arthur Lee was tremendous and I was grateful to get to see him before his death.
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings- Wow, what a groove she sest
The Black Keys- from their first gig in the Tavern with maybe 30 people to all their other gigs there. Was fun to see a band since their beginning to the big break thru.
Luna-saw them at the end of their run and they were a big surprise for me. I didn’t expect to like them as I usually like my music alittle “dirtier” but they blew me away.
Ian McLaugin (spelling?) and the Bump Band; 60’s rock like it should be played. I saw them in the Tavern with Mark Andes (swoon…..) on bass and they reminded me why rock in the 60’s rules.
SoundTrack of Our Lives-another surprise for me. I went with a friend who raved about them for ages and I did not expect to like them as well as I did. I am still listening to them on my Ipod on a weekly basis.
James Gang- Joe and the Gang still had it and it brought back those days like it was yesterday.
The Irrationals-Scott Morgan has the pipes still that made the Rationals a hit around Ohio back in the 60’s. Here’s a cat who should have had a bigger career.
Wanda Jackson-in the Tavern also was a great show up close and personal. So cool to see one of the pioneers in such a small room.
and No 10- wow so hard to just pick 10-I would have to say Cleveland’s own The Alarm Clocks who opened for the Choir in 2006. They have a great story from the 60’s hits to today and man can Mike nail those screams.
Thanks for putting up with all the hassles, bumps in the roads, assholes, and drunks……..and me. I will celebrate being 60 in January and have been a rock n roll junkie since I first heard the Stones in 1964. I have frequented many clubs, bars and venues and your’s is the one I love the most!!! Cheers, Nancy Wasen”

“I hope the Boys from the County Hell will join us at the Beachland again in years to come. Also great that you booked classic acts from my youth like the Church and the Proclaimers.
Happy New Year!”

Mike McGraw

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