Comedy Night @ Beachland: Wednesday, January 27th

26 01 2010

This Wednesday, you’ll find ample laughs at the Beachland, with this grouping of comedians, local boys making good on the national scene. We’ll spare you the hype, and let some of their live work speak for itself:

Jim Tews:

Clevelander, and vanguard Mike Baker kicks in with a bit about his baldness:

Infamous comic Mike Polk discusses his least impressive work ever, most of which landed him in the midst of talk-show shenanigans:

Here, Polk bumps up his famous “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism” skit (which you’ve seen, so we won’t post it) with a jab at TNT basketball commentator Charles Barkley:

Also on this bill are Ryan Dalton and Chad Zumock, who’ve both seen action on WMMS’ Maxwell show.

For more information, head to





One response

27 01 2010
Melvin VanNebula

We’ve got new interviews with both Ryan Dalton and Chad Zumock posted at Looking forward to the show!

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