10th Anniversary and This Week In Preview

10 02 2010

Jemina Pearl. This week, at Beachland

Let’s kick off this week’s blog with some more of reader-provided testimonials saluting the Beachland in time for our 10th anniversary, coming up the first weekend in March. 

One of my favorite shows at the Beachland was- I’m guessing at this time thing, sorry- about 7 or 8 years ago in the Ballroom: Jonatha Brooke! What an awesome show! There were long rows of seats set up across the room, about 2/3 deep, all filled, and the audience was mesmerized by her lovely voice, her tremendous songwriting. I had to get up and stand off to the side so I could bop a little better- I couldn’t sit still, she really rocked it 🙂
 A year or so later, I brought my niece to the Ballroom to hear Spoon, which was also an amazing show, and shoulder-to-shoulder on the floor.
 My favorite Tavern show was around the same time: Jeff Black. What a great songwriter and engaging performer! I’ve been hoping to see him return some time.
 Thank you for all the music I’ve loved there over the past ten years: Lost State of Franklin, Carlos Jones and the PLUS Band, Kasim Sulton, Cats On Holiday, Dreadful Yawns…it’s all been grand!
Anita Herczog

Besides knowing the Beachland Staff is Awesome because of my band playing there (The Makebelieves, @2006/7), I Love it bcuz I’ve seen Kristin Hersh there TWICE (and I live 4 hours away: Solo in the Tavern (Where I Met Her and so did my 6 yr. old Son!) but also in the Ballroom w/band+strings, both shows were AWESOME. At the Ballroom show, I was able to mention to the soundman that I thought of Kristin as Mainly a guitar player, so would he mind turning her guitar up in the mix, and he did so right away! Yay!  What a great place all around.  I am from Cleveland originally and I wish the Beachland would’ve been open while I was living there; I would’ve never left!
Al Schmidt

Hey Cindy:I always remember the first date Black 47 played at the Beachland.  We had been on the road for a while and you cooked us the most wonderful pasta dish.  You made us feel like we were home.  I later smashed a glass in your little offstage dressing room in an argument with a couple of band members but we all made up with copious shots of Jameson’s at the bar after the show.A day in the life…Congratulations and another 20 years to you and the warmth of your staff.larry kirwan
Black 47

Our 10th Anniversary series starts on March 5th, with the return of great Cleaveland band Pere Ubu doing the entirety of their immortal debut, The Modern Dance.  While they rock the Ballroom, Ubu’s kindred souls, This Moment In Black History, will crush it in the Tavern with their good friends Sun God. They’re playing a release party for their new vinyl split-single, which they’ll be selling to help them defray the cost of traveling down to this year’s South By Southwest in Austin, Texas.  On Saturday, March 6th, reclusive psych-rock legend Roky Erickson stops by (has he ever played in Cleveland before?) and lays down some Texas n’ acid-bent rock’ roll with the help of Clevelanders Living Stereo and The Alarm Clocks.  If you’re a vintage rock conoisseur or audio archeologist, this is one show you can’t miss.

Pere Ubu, “Birdies” (1980)

a trailer for You’re Gonna Miss Me, the Roky Erickson biopic:

Taking it back ’round to this week, we’ve got the snarling sexitude of Miss Jemina Pearl, who sings punk rock with cheeky hostility; Mississippi blues with R.L. Burnside’s grandson, Cedric, and his guitar-picking pal Lightnin’ Malcolm; hillbilly chaos with Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival and the Whiskey Daredevils; and a Sunday night of folk with genderbenders Girlyman and the appearance of Lucy Wainwright Roche, whose last name(s) will obviously mean quite a bit to many of you familiar with American singer-songwriters of the last 30 years. 

This Valentine’s Day Beachland Brunch has inspired our upcoming guest DJ, Mr. Lawrence Daniel Caswell (WCSB, This Moment In Black History, WCPN) to have a special “For Lovers Only” set.   If any of you remember Cleveland station WZAK station back in the day, “For Lovers Only” was their special segment full of slow jams and hot love-makin’ tunes.  Caswell, with his considerable reach and recall, will attempt to bring back the vibe of those amorous airwaves.

General Caine, “For Lovers Only”

All this, and more, are prominently displayed on www.beachlandballroom.com.





One response

12 02 2010
Nancy Wasen

Wow!! Roky at the Beachland!! I can’t wait for this show. I was lucky to catch him at SXSW a few years ago when he sang a song or two at Threadgills for the tribute show to him. And then heard him at the Joplin show this past November in Cleveland……..but a whole set. Kuddos to the Beachland and we will be there with bells on!

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