Action at Arts Collinwood this Weekend

11 02 2010

Mystery of Two, at Arts Collinwood

What gives on the block? This Friday, Arts Collinwood presents, “A Little R&R”,  featuring the work of George Roby and GR Hamilton.  This opens Friday February 12, 2010 from 6-9pm.

This exhibit is FREE and open to the public. Opening Reception:: Friday February 12, 2010 / 6-9pm. Closing Reception:: Saturday March 13, 2010 / 6-9pm

Speaking of Arts Collinwood, punk rock trio Mystery of Two are in the midst of a special Winter Residency, in which the Arts Collinwood space is used as a lab to try out new audio and visual material, while inviting some friends and cohorts over for booze and a winter rock n’ roll blast.  On Saturday, February 13th, Mystery of Two performs a FREE show with the excellent Buried Wires, which features Alex Tapie (keys) Matthew Gengler (bass, from Polyvinyl artists Aloha), Dan Price (Machine Go Boom, Megachurch, Fuzzy Stones), and singer-songwriter Brian Straw.     See some fine performance shots from this group, compliments of photographer Suzanne Cofer.

“Repeat It”, Mystery of Two

“French Rocking Horse”, Mystery of Two

Mystery of Two’s singer/guitarist/engineer Ryan Weitzel (he also runs the fine Exit Stencil recording studio) is also involved with hard-working Cleveland label Exit Stencil Recordings, who’ve released albums by Pere Ubu offshoot Home and Garden, punk quartet Hot Cha Cha, Dreadful Yawns, New Lou Reeds, and many others.  If you’ve heard of ESR but never dipped into their stash, here’s your chance! As a gesture of love in accordance with this month’s holiday, Exit Stencil’s allowing you to download their entire catalog. For FREE.  Check it out.





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