Coming Up This Weekend: Wussy, Avett Brothers, Arts Collinwood, and Pierced Arrows

26 02 2010

Pierced Arrows, this Saturday

We’ve got the sneaking suspicion that should you stay in this cold weekend, you’re going to miss out on some hot shows.  Something about being trapped in a small room full of amplifiers, beer (let’s not mention whiskey!) , and instruments simply inspires the soul to rebel against the howling and nipping Cleveland winter.

Kindred Ohio souls, and Beachland favorites Wussy, will doubtless help us stave off the cold this Friday night.  They’ll be sharing the stage with Louisville band The Fervor and Clevelanders Good Morning Valentine.

Wussy, live at Beachland from 2009.  Compliments of kingofthecastle7:

If you’re looking for heat in the house, look no further than Saturday’s Avett Brothers show at the House of Blues, copresented by the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern. Look more closely, and OH! it’s SOLD OUT.  If you didn’t act fast enough, we guess you’ll have to stand in the musical cold like you’re waiting for the 79 bus on the corner of Denison and West 25th. Yikes! To tide you over, here’s a funny little Avett Brothers video, from their latest CD, I And Love And You. This jumpin’ ditty, sure to get your heart rate up with laughs and hooks,  is called “Slight Figure of Speech”.  Wait for it:

But don’t give up that easily, O Clevelander!  Spite the snow, and stake out your claim to wintertime fun.    During the afternoon starting at 5 pm, take in the first annual Brite Winter Festival taking place in Tremont’s Hart Crane park.  There’ll be warm food and drink, as well as appearances by This Moment In Black History, The Hot Rails, and the Uncanny Xela

Then grab the steering wheel of your sled and head toward Arts Collinwood (our neighbors) where Exit Stencil Recording artists Mystery of Two will conduct the last night of their Winter Residency with one of Cleveland’s new favorites, Founding Fathers.

If by then your soul has been properly enflamed by rock n’ roll, trudge down to the Beachland to see Pierced Arrows (formely known as Dead Moon).  This Oregon trio feels as wildly good and loose as Neil Young’s outbursts during Buffalo Springfield’s “Mr. Soul”, as Lou Reed’s blowing musical lines on “Run Run Run”, and as orgasmic as all of Patti Smith’s version of “Gloria”.  If you don’t mind the beatific mess that is rock n’ roll–hell, if you want to revel in it–this is the show you need to experience.

And as you’re watching Pierced Arrows’ Fred and Toody Cole kicking ass on Saturday night, just think –Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators, a band from the early 60s,  are parallel but kindred spirits to this powerful Oregon three-piece. If you’re wise, the fierce sound of Pierced Arrows will remind you to get tickets NOW to our upcoming 10th Anniversary concert with Roky Erickson on Saturday, March 6th! 





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