Hamell On Trial, this Thursday

2 03 2010

Hamell on Trial, this Thursday

He might not be included in the ‘official’  10th Anniversary fun this weekend (March 5 – 6) at the Beachland, but it’s hard to argue with Hamell On Trial setting the tone for  48 hours of rock n’ roll memories.

Ed Hamell, and his one-man performance, dubbed Hamell on Trial, makes plain what we at the Beachland love in rock n’ roll.  He’s loud, proud, smart, blue-collar, irreverent, and yet tuneful.  He’s not just another troubadour; he’s a wise-cracking punk rock comedic storyteller armed with one loud-ass acoustic guitar. He’s bordering on an elder statesman who could still convincingly do a thrashed-out version of Mose Allison’s / The Who’s “Young Man Blues”.  And he can rock a house party at a drop of a hat:

From a couple of years ago, here’s Hamell on Trial laying it down on one of his classics, “3 Ships”.  It’s like an unheard Pixies jam ripped up with some Lenny Bruceish standup.  On speed. 

We could post up vids all night long, but we’ll let Hamell give you his own spiel.  It’s a bitterly hilarious look into the life of a real road dog with a writer’s mind:

If you’re ready for a Hamell on Trial experience–and we’re sure you’ll remember, like it or not–he’ll be here on Thursday, March 4th.  Chad Hill and David Ullman open. Tickets are available HERE.





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