It Feels Like Heaven: Beachland 10th Anniversary Weekend!

4 03 2010

late 70s / early 80s Pere Ubu

Dear Readers,

The Beachland’s 10th ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND is upon us.  It goes without saying that with you, city of Cleveland, and many other amazing audiences and artists, the last ten years would have never happened!

Now, we could sit and wax poetic about what all of this means to us at the Beachland; instead, we’ll let you, the people, offer your insights and input:

A couple great gigs come to mind. Band of Horses was outstanding! Those guys really brought it a few years ago. I would love to see them come back. Nada Surf was also a great show. I remember the lead singer coming out into the hallway with his acoustic guitar after the show and planning more for the fans who were still hanging out. Nobody wanted to leave that one. I just got back from seeing the Dawes and Cory Chisel both were great and very intimate. To think you can see bands that talented with 35 of your closest friends for $10 bucks is just nuts! That is why Beachland is so great. Awesome bands in close quarters with the coolest folks in C-town hanging out, dancing around and drinking a few beers. See you again soon! Long live Beachland and long live live music! – Keith Gardner


Saw your request for memories of shows. First, let me say that there is nowhere, NOWHERE, that I would rather see a show. The atmosphere, the mix of artists. Most of the people I listen to are either dead, or they would never get booked at the House of Blues. The Beachland is Cleveland’s Mecca for the obscure, the up and coming and the uncompromising music that thankfully still exists in a world of Lady Gaga, Beyonce and John Mayer.

There are two many great shows to mention, but a few come to mind. Little Stephen’s underground garage tour with the Supersuckers and the NY Dolls, Chris Knight in the Tavern and Robbie Fulks in the Tavern. Also recently the Pat Dinizio of the Smithereens show. I had met Pat last summer sitting on a bench outside of a hotel in downtown Atlanta. We were both waiting for a cab. I didn’t recognize him because of all of the weight he had gained. We started talking and when I asked him why he was carrying a guitar and he told me he was a musician and that he used to be in the Smithereens. Needless to day I was embarrassed and star struck at the same time.

….there is one more that stands out in my mind. I saw Split Lip Rayfield play what I’m told was their last show with Kurt Lundstrom. While it was of course sad to see him in that fragile state of his advanced illness. From what I remember, he died shortly after.  Nonetheless, he played that night with the passion and energy of a man who was going to live forever. In my memory of that night, he will. It was quite moving and inspiring.  Long live the Beachland!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Hido
Genesis Fibers LLC

Not only have we posted your testimonies over the last few weeks, but we’ve also got some special guests chiming in, such as our very own Rock Hall of Fame:

In the spirit of rock and roll and pride for the Cleveland music scene, the Rock Hall frequently partners with area venues in celebration of rock and roll as an art form, and one such venue is the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern. In its now 10 year run, the Beachland has become one of the most renowned places to perform at and see live music. Rock Hall Assistant Curator Meredith Rutledge shares its history and hopes with Beachland co-owner Cindy Barber.

Read this interview HERE.  Veteran music journalist Carlo Wolff has also contributed a piece on the Beachland’s history for online news site Ohio Authority, which mentions some of the Beachland’s legendary shows, such as Los Lobos, Gillian Welch, and the infamous Hives performance of ’02, that rocked so hard it knocked our AC out of commission!

Enough talk. More rock! Here’s a preview of this weekend’s amazing shows and events:

This Friday, March 5, underground rock legends Pere Ubu performs the entirety of their debut album, The Modern Dance, reviewed by Ken Tucker at Rolling Stone. If you’ve never heard this slab of art / prog / punk / rock, go buy it. And feel it!

A nasty little Pere Ubu cut from their album Why I Hate Women that might give you a sense of their live intensity:

Brooklyn Vegan writes about this band’s upcoming audio/visual event, “Long Live Pére Ubu–The Spectacle”. provides us with various Ubu audio as well.

On this very same Friday, Cleveland bands This Moment In Black History and Sun God celebrate the release of a split 12″ on Smog Veil Records.  Watch them crush it in the Tavern before they head out to play annual music festival South By Southwest.   This will truly be a homegrown throwdown that you don’t want to miss if you like it loud and Cleveland proud!

Psychedelic rocker and former lost soul / rock tragedy Roky Erickson triumphantly rolls into the Beachland on Saturday, March 6th.  Want to know more? Here’s the fine folks at NPR sharing Roky’s story; we also have a Plain Dealer feature on Roky and more input from I Rock  If you don’t know Roky’s role as psychedelic godfather in 60s group 13th Floor Elevators, read about him HERE.

Again, we’ll let Roky and his friend and Texan musical descendent Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top) rip up a version of the Elevators’ “You’re Gonna Miss Me”:

Sunday’s Beachland Brunch–perfect for a Sunday morning coming down–is hosted by radio hostess / foodie ’round town Katherine Koenig, co-host of WRUW’s Maximum Consumption show.  Every Friday, she and Jen Stiles discuss local food and music with great enthusiasm; we know she’ll bring some of that infectious energy to the tunes she’ll spin from 11 – 3 pm.

As usual, the key to your questions — and happiness — can be found at





One response

4 03 2010

Congrats on #10!!! I love love love your place. I tell my friends all over the world about this cool club in Cleveland. After they check out the website they are just jealous that I get to hear the best music in the grooviest place in my fave city.
See you Saturday and kuddos on landing Roky.

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