From Africa By Way of Asheville: Toubab Krewe at Beachland, 3/16

15 03 2010

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The beauty of this ever-shrinking world is that a group of talented dudes from Ashville, North Carolina, bring the sounds of Mali and other African nations to American soil with seeming ease.  The beauty of this ever-expansive world is that those rhythms and melodies seem so wonderfully foreign to our Western ears and bodies.  Despite the miles between Cleveland, Asheville, and Africa, we can bounce joyfully to the sounds of Toubab Krewe and their afro-rock sound hybrid.

Toubab Krewe plays “51 Foot Ladder” at the studios of Paste Magazine:

So while we’re on the subject of Toubab Krewe, who are coming to the Beachland on March 16th, let’s check out other African hybrids and influences.  Get inspired by wonderous sounds with ancient sources.

Here are Nigerians Etran Finatawa with “Surbajo”

Kenyan-American electric benga rockers, Extra Golden:

Touareg nomads Tinariwen, “Cler Achel”

Congolese master guitarist Diblo Dibala, from the band Loketo, playing a sweet soukous groove:

Ali Farka Toure, one of the greatest Malian guitarists ever, and one of the guys who got this whole thing started:

..and Senegalese legends Orchestra Baobab, from a few years ago:

Check these out and pass them along. Then, get tickets for Tuesday’s show with Toubab Krewe at





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