Judgement Day Is Upon Us – This Wednesday

29 03 2010

Listen to Judgement Day and fight THIS guy.

Craving the power of metal riffery without the monster Marshall stacks and facepaint? Looking for a new interpretation of the term ‘shred’? Look no further than prog trio Judgement Day.    Take a cello, a violin, drums, and in this case…zombies. 

We’d say that was kinda metal, huh? Here’s a short piece this trio dubbed “Pitfires of Hell”:

In case you’re wondering how these rather mild-seeming fellows got into the metal business, we actually don’t have an answer to that.  We do know, however, that Lewis Patzner (cello) spent a great deal of time in conservatory; his brother, Anton (violin) not only completed his own studies, but also toured and recorded with the band Bright Eyes.

Now, the idea of combining metal’s dexterous prowess with the breathtaking technique involved in classical music is nothing new.  Hell, it’s been around since the birth of that rock compositional approach many call “symphonic metal” (and probably even before that).  Everyone from famed guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen to dudes like Emperor have smeared the legacy of classical music to come up with a most unholy musical brood.  There are even guys like Apocalyptica, from Finland:

There’s a reason that heads wanna bang with the hallowed sounds of the ancient masters: it’s fun.  Might even make you wanna jump on a horse and slay some Orcs, even.

Judgement Day

And if none of this is your bag, hit the Ballroom on Wednesday night for the Black Lips / Box Elders / Cobra Verde show.  Regardless of which path you take at the Beachland, stick around for our Cleveland-famous DOWNTOWN SOULVILLE DANCE PARTY, free at 10 pm in the Tavern.  All of this goodness resides at http://www.beachlandballroom.com.





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