Keep On The Sunny Side: A Benefit for WRUW’s Cuzin’ Dave

23 08 2010

Clevelanders: Here’s a chance to help a friend who’s moved beyond ‘fixture’ and into ‘pillar’. Cuzin’ Dave, WRUW DJ and host of “When The Roses Bloom Again”, a show focusing on roots music, needs our help.  He’s been hospitalized over the last month with a serious illness, so in order to cover his mounting health costs (sound familiar, everyone?), the Beachland, various friends and WRUW listeners, and musicians who’ve been on Cuzin’ Dave’s show, have pitched in to throw him a benefit this coming Monday, August 30th in the Ballroom.  If you don’t know Cuzin’ Dave, a swell guy, absolute music lover, and a consummate gent, you should check out his playlist archives to see the kind of tunes and artists that have bent his ear and warmed his heart.

Let’s first take a look up at this splendid lineup of folk / country / roots/ whachamacalit performers. Of course, as more people pitch in, this is subject to change.  Bookmark for updates!

Hillbilly Idol
Hey Mavis
Jane Dough
Waxwings String Band
Rob Bliss Trio
Take This Hammer
Matt Harmon
Doug Wood
Quinn Sands
John McGrail

If you can’t make this benefit, but would like to help out with a monetary contribution,  send check or money order to:

Cuzin Dave Wilson
11220 Bellflower Road
Cleveland, OH 44106

Additionally, if you have items to donate, volunteer time to share, or any thoughts and action that could be helpful, don’t hesitate to call the Beachland at 216-383-1124.

Doors for this event are at 7 pm, and the music starts at 7:30 pm. Be there early, regardless, as we’re certain more artists will join in this celebration of all things Cuzin’ Dave!

Cuzin' Dave and Mom




5 responses

23 08 2010
Pat Motika

I would like to offer the services of Dickens’ Store to perform at the benefit for Dave.
We have been a constant on the Barking Spider scene for 8 years and would like to pitch in for a good cause. Jane Dough, Doug Wood, Brent Kirby and Al Moss can vouch for our authenticity.
Pat Motika
Dickens” Store

23 08 2010
Mary Calkins

I used to work with the Cuzns at WRUW-FM “back in the day”. Though I live a few states away and can’t make this gig due to another commitment that weekend, I’ll be sure and put my check in the mail tomorrow for this worthy cause! Thanks for bringing it to my attention and good luck with the benefit – sorry to have to miss it especially Doug Wood. Hope you feel better soon, Dave!

25 08 2010
Kevin T. Richards

Cuzin Dave changed my life

I was an inspired young ‘n, guitar in hand, wanting to learn every song I could get my hands on. When i was still a teenager, Dave invited me down to WRUW to look through the music library. I told Dave i heard this Gary Davis tune at a party and i had to find a recording of it. With a snap of a finger, he pulled out numerous Rev Gary Davis albums. I was blown away. Here was the source. Then he would point me to the turmtable and say. “did you bring a couple of blank cassettes”?
I stopped down every Thursday night for over a year in search of old LP’S and cool tunes. And every night Cousin’ Dave would point me in the right direction.

Kevin Richards
Roots of American Music

26 08 2010
Sheela Das

Now, good friend of Dave, Kevin Richards, is sharing some of those tapes with me. Dave’s generosity lives on….! Sheela, Roots of American Music

2 09 2010
Joe Banks

Sad news. Cuzin Dave Wilson (David Newman) passed away today (September 2, 2010). We miss him, dearly.

If you’re on Facebook, you can go to the WRUW page for more info:

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