Halloween Party Bomb Set To Explode On Waterloo; Hundreds Delight

26 10 2010


Big Sandy and Los Straitjackets, this weekend!

Halloween’s a holiday with a different tone than other holidays; Christmas is spent manufacturing goodwill among bickersome human beings (some friends, some family), while New Year’s is spent whizzing ’round in Hummer limos and passing out in strange hotels. It doesn’t have to be that way, but let’s face it, that’s sometimes the way it is in the big, bad world.

Halloween, on the other hand, is gauged by the question, “Just how much party can you take?”  The whole idea’s to raise the roof higher. It’s like Brazilian samba schools taking it to the streets with hotties and beats, it’s like a Cold War-era arms race of fun, it’s like the time the Little Rascals went mano-a-mano with their rich kid rival back in ’23 (the real fun starts at the 5:15 mark):

So helping to up the ante this Halloweekend 2010 the Beachland starts this Wednesday with some bangin’ beats and, as promoter Justin Coulter states, it’s a night of “food, freaks, and fun”.  This night features Moth Cock with Nate Scheible, Poly Sumkin (Justin & Julia), Clevelandtapes.com‘s RA Washington, Christopher Cannon, and possibly a few other spooky troublemakers.

Here’s Mr. Coulter, in full sleazy disco regalia:

Now in its fourth year, The Beachland Halloween Tribute Weekend takes on not one, but two days–Friday and Saturday.  Local bands have joined forces to provide Cleveland with sonic replicas of some classics, some known and some unknown.  Friday night kicks off with tributes to The Faces, The Cars, and Swedish political punks The Refused (which includes dudes like Matt Jauch from Stimulus Package and Sean Djuricic from National Suicide Day and Interfuse).  Multi-instrumentalist Dave Molnar (Dreadful Yawns, Good Touch Bad Touch) links up with Sharon Yoo (90s rockers The Librarians and Corduroy Astronauts), Mara Robinson and Matt Clement from Kong Sauce to re-create the sounds of the New Pornographers; some Hot Rails members will attack the sloppy, smutty glam of the New York Dolls, while others will take on the now-resurrected Guided By Voices.   And that’s just Friday night, too. Check out our site and our Facebook account for lineups!

Halloween 2009: The Hot Rails play The Who’s “The Seeker”:

If swingin’ jump blues and country, mixed in with a timelessly hefty surf-rock beat, is your thing, you simply won’t have a proper holiday if you don’t check out Big Sandy and The Fly-Rite Boys along with masked marvels Los Straitjackets on Saturday, October 30th.  Don’t miss out the chance to drink and dance to what’s become a bona fide Cleveland tradition, just like ODOT cones, county corruption and Big Chuck laughtracks. Los Straitjackets and their myriad of merry friends sure love the Beachland during the holidays!

And for all you service industry types–or for anyone who worked on Friday on Saturday–we’re offering a Sunday night bash, “The New Wave Rave Costume Party”, crafted by This Way Out host and Cleveland rock guru Dave P aka The Perfect Guy aka Party Sweat (or so we’ve heard).  If you’ve been looking for a chance to look like Debbie Harry, Adam Ant, or even Boy George, wait no further! Guest bartenders include Hilary Aurand from Legation Gallery, Debbie Gulyas from Blue Arrow, and many other drink-pourers and platter-spinners.

If your retro runs more punk rock black than new wave neon, Sunday’s also the night when we welcome back the Stranglers’ Hugh Cornwell, who’s backed by the reliable drumming of Blondie’s Clem Burke. Cornwell’s always had a way with biting quips and brittle guitars that have  found noble re-use by bands like Art Brut and Franz Ferdinand:

The Stranglers, “Get A Grip On Yourself”

If Halloween at the Beachland doesn’t help you get a grip on yourself…well, you’re on your own.





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