The Beachland Ballroom was built in 1950 as the Croatian Liberty Home, with the ballroom and tavern comprising the original structure. In 1976 the kitchen and back bar area were added. The Liberty Home was active on many social and political fronts and was a true Cleveland landmark before becoming Cleveland’s most eclectic music club in the year 2000.

We’ve had more than a few of you ask with a name like Beachland, where’s the beach? Actually it’s less than a ½ mile north of here. In fact, one of the nation’s best known amusement parks — Euclid Beach – was right at the north end of E. 156th St. Euclid Beach operated from 1894 until 1969 and “Beachland” became the slang name for the whole North Collinwood neighborhood in those days.

A number of reminders of the “Beachland” era remain. On E. 185th St. we still have the “Beachland Branch” of the Post Office as well as hardware stores, dry cleaners and other businesses with the “Beachland” name in the area. On Lakeshore Blvd. there is even a Beachland Presbyterian Church! Sadly, very little of the former Euclid Beach Park still exists. The actual “beach” is still there, much of which is now the Euclid Beach State Park, a public swimming area. The old Euclid Beach carved archway entrance also remains and is now serving rather incongruously as the entrance to a senior citizen high-rise apartment building.


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11 06 2010

this is a comment for cindy barbre, good to see you however briefly last night. this david byrne ted talk was just posted today about the context that music is written for and played in.

26 05 2011
rfea king

I was here from N.Y. State enjoy your place of business in cleveland, on Wed. 5/25/2011 And you Bartender at night was very disrespectful to me and I feel that she need to learn how to talk to PPle Better!. And shouldn’t drink on the Job.. I am here ftom N.Y. and I was real\mistreated in your place of Business. I feel that You have a okay place,but I will never invited no one special there with that kind of people . my Bro sing off Broadway in New York and we come from Cleve. Your worker need Help.. And I have report it to the channel 19 about they way there severs is.. ( Disrespetful the Lady and the Man). I am very important her in Clevland, Ohio, They never no Who they are Dealing WITH>>>> Please Remove them…. Cuz they will bring your Place of Business Down!!!!! Thank You very much…

2 06 2011
Phil Peachock

Charles Peachock performed and knocked them for a loop at the beachland anniversary show this year and he will be trying out on America’s Got Talent. The NBC’s summer hit reality show on 06/08/11. Be sure to tune in and see how far he goes.

Also, There will be a watch party at the KENT STAGE in downtown Kent OHIO that night and the show will be seen on the big screen. The place holds 650 people. All sit down seats! FREE! NO COVER CHARGE! Entrance on a first come bases! Maybe a surprise.


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