Roots Rock in the ‘Summertime’; real Mothers (of Invention) for ya

11 02 2011

According to the ever-reliable Weather Underground site (home of some nifty, near-psychedelic graphics), it’s practically going to be summertime this weekend, people, with highs in the 30s. Get crazy! Doff that winter cap! Shuck those long johns! Hell, you might even turn off your infrared space heater and save some pennies in the process.


This Moment In Black History, Friday night. From

This heat wave’s a timely one, too, as we have quite a bit you should come and enjoy. On our Facebook page, the Beachland and her friends have been chatting up this weekend’s  Walk All Over Waterloo: Valentine Day’s Edition. We weren’t quite keen on bringing up the “v-word”, but there it is, lonelyhearts, you can’t escape it, you might embrace it, and if not, there’s some cheap n’ easy fun to be had on our block.  This Friday night features The Davenport Ball (with CLE bands covering Black Sabbath, The Replacements, Wilco, and others) at the Beachland, The Waterloo Alley Cat Fundraiser, and a special apperance by This Moment In Black History at Arts Collinwood.  Think of it as a rugged counterpoint to Tremont’s ArtWalk, but with cheaper drinks, easier parking, and actual rock n’ roll.


Hoots and Hellmouth, this Saturday

If hoedowns and throwdowns are more your style – that is, if twang’s your thang – our entire Saturday’s filled with variations on roots rock. Our 7 pm Tavern show features Long Road, a bunch of serious local singers and strummers with their take on 60s-style folk. Long Road features cats like Ray DeForest, Kevin Richards, and David Budin, all of whom have played a role in Roots of American Music, a music and education non-profit.  At 10 pm, the Tavern gets grimier with honky-tonk, hillbilly, and hardrock compliments of The Not So Good Ol’  Boys with Detroiters Doop and the Inside Outlaws.   Meanwhile, Beachland favorites Cabinet rock the Ballroom with the energetic and magnetic Hoots and Hellmouth:

ZAPPATISTAS: Sunday night features the return of a certain Bunk Gardner to his native home of Cleveland, Ohio. He’s performing with his old Mothers of Invention bandmate Don Preston under the straight-ahead moniker of  “The Don And Bunk Show”.  If you know anything about Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, though, this music will be anything but straight-ahead:

And here they are, much grayer, but without a single musical misstep:

Curious? Read this article on these two ex-henchmen of the legendary Frank Zappa, and come by on Sunday night for The Don and Bunk Show, with opening act Cuda, Renko, and Cuda.

We hear it’s going to be warm on Sunday.


Sunday, Pierced Arrows; Monday, Farmer’s Market; an open call for art

1 10 2010

Scarcity of Tanks, opening for Pierced Arrows, Sunday October 3

Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.  ~Mark Twain

Somewhere within the guts, veins, and bone of rock n’ roll, there exist the urge to stave off death.  Rock n’ roll wants to steal that withering scythe and its shadowy cloak in order to wave away the smoke of total finality. This is pagan stuff: devouring your enemies, or consuming that which you seek to become, in order to provide the gift of life everlasting.  Maybe that’s why Pierced Arrows’ Fred Cole looks not unlike a wizard with his now-legendary garage-punk trio, Pierced Arrows.

Pierced Arrows is an offshoot of gnarly old Dead Moon, a trio consisting of Cole, his wife Tootie on bass, and drummer Andrew Loomis.  They sounded like Buffalo Springfield far too gone on speed and peyote, listening to Aussie punk records; they raged with a passion that stretched beyond any technical aspects.  Drums could be off, guitar strings might snap, and the sound could be a shambles, but Dead Moon kept rockin’, railing against the dying of the light:

“Let It Rain”, Pierced Arrows

“Paranoia”, Pierced Arrows
(complements of

This Sunday night, Pierced Arrows plays with other vets rattled by rock over the years: Scarcity of Tanks have been toiling collectively and individually over the decades.  Vocalist Matt Wascovich got a late start assembling and fronting a band, but fortunately has fallen in with such talented cronies as (for this gig): drummer Scott Pickering , bluesman Ted Flynn, and bass monster Jeff Deasy.  Between touring, garnering lovely press in Signal To Noise and LA Weekly, SOT’s managed to squeeze out a new record, Bleed Now, out on Parisian label Textile Records.  Here’s a bit of their SST-meets-CLE vibe:

Also on this Sunday night bill are the most excellent Exploding Lies. Getcher tix NOW, friends.

Arts Collinwood, complements of

In other Beachland-related news, our friends at Arts Collinwood are submitting an open call for art and ‘art happenings’ that utilize their entire space in a non-traditional way. Guidelines are that artists must set the work up themselves, and provide your own materials. The work must also be semi permanent, or performance based.  Art happenings must also occur during the Arts Collinwood Cafe’s operating hours, which are Tues – Sat 11am – 11pm, and Sundays 11 – 10pm.  These events, installations and performances start Friday, October 8th, and run until the end of the year.

Painters, sculptors, dancers, multi-media artists, and any mad innovators are encouraged to participate.  The proposals are piling in, however, and available time/space is limited! Submit your proposal to, or contact Arts Collinwood at 216.692.9500.

Coit Road Farmers' Market, complements of

And for all you foodies, urban farmers, and hungry types: The Coit Road Farmers’ Market presents The Taste Of Autumn 2010 Benefit: Monday, October 4, 6 – 9 pm, at the Beachland Ballroom.  Hosted by Cleveland TV celebrity Fred Griffith, you’ll taste the harvest from local farmers prepared for you by ten local chefs including Bistro 185, Greenhouse Tavern, Grovewood Tavern, Angela-Mia Pizza, Go Bistro,  Umami and private chef Eric Wells. There will also be door prizes, a silent auction and an awards presentation recognizing Market supporters past and present.

Tickets and directions are available at the Beachland Ballroom by calling 216-383-1124. You can also buy tickets for $35 at the Coit Road Farmers’ Market or online at  For more information, contact Kevin Scheuring 216-531-3230 or 216-249-5455 during market hours.


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Walk All Over Waterloo, Friday, September 17th

13 09 2010

Abbreviate one of North Collinwood’s favorite sightseeing and shopping events–Walk All Over Waterloo–and you’ll spell out the word WAOW, which is a kitty-kat version of what the shops, vendors, artists and other Waterloo friends and family hope you’ll say on Friday, September 17th.  Starting at 6 pm, an all-star cast of Cleveland‘s finest hangouts and hideaways will enthusiastically cement Waterloo’s place as one of the hotter blocks in town, alongside such notables as Tremont, Ohio City, and the ever-expanding Gordon Square Arts District.

Your Walk All Over Waterloo team this time ’round includes superstars / ringleaders Music Saves, who’ll be offering discounts on CDs and vinyl; they’ll also have someone (they’re not saying who yet) performing at the store. Kevin and Melanie, Music Saves owners, have impeccable taste, so you can trust it’ll be someone good.

In addition, record dealers Blue Arrow Books and Records will celebrate the opening of their new Blue Arrow Boutique,  as well as lighting some of their new decor starting at 8:30 pm.  Boogie swing and jumpin’ blues combo, Madison Crawl, will play at 9 pm inside one of Cleveland’s old-school bar gems, the SS&W Boardwalk (right down from the Beachland. Just keep your feet moving and your eyes open).

The Cleveland Yo-Yo Club will do some swinging of their own,  displaying their skills and helping yo-yo newbies starting around 6 pm. Meanwhile, new Waterloo merchants Rebel City Tattoo and Salty Not Sweet will do some equally amazing tricks with your tight budget.  This Walk All Over Waterloo will also feature a special appearance by CLE Clothing Company, who’ll be taking over the old Shoparooni Annex (for one night only) in order to offer 3 for $50 deals on their unique and totally stylin’ CLE-centric t-shirts!

There’s plenty of fun inside the Beachland that same night: lovers of country and bluegrass can enjoy the Beachland Barn Dance, featuring the Hiram Rapids Stumblers, The Wax Wings, and One Dollar Hat; anyone who’s got any modicum of rock n’ roll taste can dig ex-Nerves / Plimsouls main man Peter Case, who’ll be playing in the Tavern that night.

The low-down on all this info can be found either on the Arts Collinwood site, or on the only social networking site that’s had a movie made about it, Facebook.  It’s where you’ll learn about schedule changes, curveballs, updates, and other very necessary data that’ll help you have a happy Friday, Cleveland-style.

Put on your Cleveland at Walk All Over Waterloo, September 17th. Image compliments of CLE Clothing Company

Note:  this Tuesday’s Jenny and Johnny show (Sept 14) should be a sell-out, so get your tickets by clicking on THIS link, or by calling 216-383-1124.  You can also contact retailers like Visible Voice Books (Tremont), Music Saves (Cleveland), Square Records (Akron), as well as other fine retailers.   The Tavern bar will open at 7 pm on this night; after the show, we’ll have a free afterparty with DJ Tom DeChristofaro from the Afternoon Naps.

Now, hurry up already. Get those tickets!

Friday: Zinmeister Parker at Arts Collinwood / Mountain Goats Film on Saturday

15 04 2010

Heavenly Bodies, a new show of work by Zinmeister Parker at Arts Collinwood

It’s easy to imagine the John Darnielle / Mountain Goats of 1995’s Nine Black Poppies translating into the Mountain Goats as they are now–an indisputably established musical presence that’s far outgrown the basic indie-rock label.  Darnielle still writes mini-movies, or mini-novels, if you will, that reel with emotional and metaphorical tension.  He’s kept this up with the latest Mountain Goats release, The Life of the World To Come, a series of songs based on certain verses in both the Old and New Testament of the Bible.  Accompanying this album is a performance film featuring cuts from this new album. It’s directed by Rian Johnson and features Darnielle in performance; it will be screened at the Beachland this Saturday at 1:15 pm and 2:45 pm.

As writes, 

Certainly there’s more open love and affection to be found here than on We Shall All Be Healed, but one of the reasons Darnielle is the best American songwriter currently working is that he refuses to settle for the easy emotional beats in whatever story he’s telling. He uncovers the same desperation, doubt, and grace in Biblical narratives that he did in a squalid, shut-in house of meth addicts, because people in Darnielle’s songs, whether loving or hateful or outright psychotic, are always first and foremost human

And here’s a blow-by-blow analysis of The Life of The World To Come by blog Heavy Soil

This film screening is brought to us by our good friends at Music Saves. 

 This Friday, Arts Collinwood has a special exhibit by artist Zinmeister Parker entitled Heavenly Bodies.  This opening runs from 6 – 9 pm. Parker writes,

As a woman, as a  painter and educator,  my perspective is colored by my experiences in the world of academia and in the art world at large.  Some of the figures have dismembered or missing various body parts, which symbolize a sense of alienation or an  awareness of gender bias, an intransigent status quo  which has  existed in the art world historically and even today —certainly in terms of the number of exhibitions for women artists versus male artists in the major museums in the United States. The good news is that women artists will always pursue their commitment to making art and eventually with the passage of time and a little luck, we’ll have achieved an even playing field.


Weekend Preview: Buy Art!

4 12 2009

Combine being in a Cleveland State of Mind, plus some P.M.A. (positive mental attitude, friends) and you will find a way to mitigate the nasty venom of Erie’s winter winds.  A little sun–which we find in abundance this Friday–helps as well.  Also aiding you is this weekend on Waterloo, which features:

  • Low Life Gallery brings you Enliven, a series of works by Bridget Caswell (photography) and Sunia Boneham (mixed media). Enliven opens with a reception from 6-10 p.m. Friday, and continues through December 26th, at Low Life Gallery (16001 Waterloo Rd.) For further information, call Low Life at 330.671.6123.
  • On Friday, December 4th, from 6-9PM, our friends at Blue Arrow Records throw a book release part for Mick Ronson: The Spider with the Platinum Hair. Stop by the Blue Arrow for an evening of music, readings, give-aways and more!  This book was lovingly put together by two Cleveland-based Bowie & Ronson fans who named themselves “Weird” and “Gilly”.  After much consulting with the Ronson family, they’ve released this book of anecdotes, photos and stories.  Surely this’ll help push the movement to have Ronson installed in the Rock Hall. For more on Mick Ronson: The Spider with the Platinum Hair see
  • Thrift-minded indie music shoppers should roll by Music Saves this weekend. On Friday, take 50% off all used CDs. On Saturday December 5th, from  noon – 5 pm, take 10% off all items (except turntables).
  • Shoparooni lights the fuse to their Holiday Art Bomb, on Saturday, December 5th from 6 – 10 pm.  Works by KRK Ryden, Squeaky Queen, Ron Copeland, and many others will be available at special discounts; for information, call Shoparooni at 216-383-3633.
  • The Beachland holds a Rock N’ Roll Flea Market in the Ballroom, which will be packed to the lights with oodles of vintage clothing, vinyl records, geegaws, gefunkas, and doodads.  Roll up from 11 – 4 and get yourself a rarity or a cool collectible!
  • If you’d rather give yourself or someone else, the gift of live music, and you enjoy the warm thump of heavy bass and righteous riddims, check out John Brown’s Body, who’ll be delivering unto you powerful roots reggae music tonight (Friday, Dec. 4) :
  • If live music and a community spirit drives you, check out tonight’s Community Shares benefit with mellow R&B group Vitium, rootsy oldboy, and other acts who’ll be rockin’ to raise funds this Friday.  On Saturday, powerhouse alternative rock quartet User Sets Mode (ex-Frans, racermason) stands at the helm of the “F*ck Cancer” Benefit for the Taussig Cancer Center.  Read about these shows, and others, at


Ghostface Killah brings you romance, DiNizio and Johnston hand you pop, Scott Morgan gives you rock n’ roll

4 11 2009

Amy Casey provided by Zg Gallery, NYC, and the New York Times, from Neko Case's "Middle Cyclone"

Not unlike the democracy in which many of us participated this past Tuesday, today’s Beachland Blog entry is a jumbled hodgepodge.  As in many elections, we’ve got controversy, old favorites, new ideas, a few winners, and some losers; namely, YOU, if you don’t check out some of these events at the Beachland and in North Collinwood.

We don’t have many hip-hop shows at the Beachland, but what we lack in quantity is made up in quality by Thursday night’s apperance of the Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah.  Hopefully he’ll do more than appear–you’ll bounce to cuts off his new CD, Ghostdini, Wizard of Poetry In The Emerald City.  Onion offshoot the AV Club gives a wryly humorous but informative lesson in love, based on Ghostdini‘s worldly wisdom.  If you need more x-rated grime and less shine, listen to his entire album on IMEEM.

Saturday night boasts championship-caliber singer-songwriters Pat DiNizio (from the Smithereens) and Freedy Johnston.  This marquee matchup gets a big up from blogs Addicted To Vinyl, Cleveland Bachelor, from and from the Scene. So it is with great pleasure that we urge you to follow those links and learn.  If you choose to attend this show, please know that a portion of the proceeds will go to the National Autism Association – Northeast ohio Chapter.

If you ever wake up in the morning thinking, “Gee, does anyone remember ROCK music?” after a perusal of the boob tube or generic radio, check out what alternatives Detroit rock veteran Scott Morgan (Rationals, Sonic’s Rendezvous, The Solution) offers you at the Beachland on Saturday night.  Now, if you’re wondering, “Who the hell is Scott Morgan?”, read this interview with this contemporary of the MC5 and hard-rock Swedes the Hellacopters.  The Stash Dauber does a fairly complete retrospective of Morgan’s history with his 60s soul band, The RationalsAnn Arbor-based writer Kevin Ransom also shares some insider info on Morgan and the Rationals, along with a killer audio clip.On Saturday night, Morgan and his Detroit all-star band (It’s all very hush-hush. You’ll just have to be here)–will perform as the Irrationals, taking on Rationals cuts, which means a whole lotta rock n’ soul a la another Michigan mate, Mitch Ryder.

If you just can’t get enough soul in your life, one of America’s great musical treasures, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, can recommend some second-line tuba-infused stomp.  Take a big gulp of their New Orleans funk on Thursday, November 12th–for your health, and to commemorate their 25th Anniversary Tour.  Here’s the band with “My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now” and the Meters’ badass classic, “Cissy Strut“.

While the DDBB play some low-down street music, you can find Low Life Gallery on our street, as they open their Realities Unseen show thi Friday, November 6th, at 6 pm. As Cleveland-based Pink Eye Magazine reminds us, this show features the works of Andrew R. Shondrick and Adam H. Hoskins.  Also opening at Arts Collinwood that very same night is a show by lauded Cleveland-gone-national artist Amy Casey, and Jen Omaitz.   Shoparooni’s Natural Resources show gets going that night as well.

This weekend, Cleveland, vote with your feet and with your dollar bils, ya’ll!


Weekend Preview on Waterloo: October 9 – 11

8 10 2009

Yes, readers, it’s another big Waterloo weekend!  Why, we’ll have everything but a viewing of the recent moon blow-up (though that could probably be easily remedied with a wi-fi connection, a laptop, and a projector).  Here’s a brief run down of what you’ll be experience should you undertake some Collinwood capers:

  • Friday night we’ll host the coyly clever pop of NYers Elizabeth & The Catapult, along with Julliard-trained singer/songwriter Christina Courtin.  New Cleveland pop trio The Red Buttons opens.  NPR did a piece on the lovely Elizabeth and her charming war machine.
  • Saturday night’s bonanza starts with our neighbors kicking up some noise.  The sounds you’ll hear will veer from nasty to mellow, as Music Saves presents an improv-only performance by Trouble Books at 8 pm.
  • Low Life Gallery opens their Second Annual Halloween Spooktacular on Saturday, October 10th, from 8 – 10 pm. Featuring features seasonally-themed works by artists from throughout NE Ohio and beyond, this show runs until October 30th.
  • Shoparooni celebrates its Second Anniversary on Saturday at 7 pm with food, artesenal cupcakes, talent shows, pumpkin carving, and–get this–plenty o’ hooch. How about that?  Sounds like someone’s getting smeared with frosting.  For more information, call 216-383-3699.  And while you’re reading this, learn about one of Shoparooni’s inhabitants: the Munny.
  • Pink Eye Magazine releases their sixth issue to the sounds of Self-Destruct Button, Chief Bromide, Arte Povera, and Buried Wires on Saturday night. This rock event goes down on Saturday, around the usual rock time: call it about 10 pm?
  • For those of you looking for a show that’s more lyrical, more acoustically-oriented, and that’s devoted to a good cause, check out Roots of American Music’s 10th Anniversary Fundraiser on Saturday night,  featuring Alex Bevan and Michael Stanley.  Based in Cleveland Heights, ROAM is an educational organization that uses American roots music to drive the curriculum of local students, grades K – 12.  To learn more about this event, and about Roots of American Music, go to  Recently, Michael Heaton wrote about this double bill of hometown heroes in the Plain Dealer.
  • Sunday night flies high on rock and roll boosters, through lost lunar dust, and into an orbit maintained by the sexily menacing Black Angels.  A comparison would be the hot sonic dread spat forth by 60s hedonists The Doors (esp. tunes like “The End” and “Soul Kitchen”) and the Velvet Underground (the kinky Nico record).  More modern references include the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Jesus and Mary Chain.  Also on the bill are Disappears, and the retooled Dead Moon aka Pierced Arrows, who do it up like a trashy Neil Young and Crazy Horse high on the 13th Floor Elevators.  You’re like, “stop with the comparisons”, but we gotta tell ya, rock n’ roll is going to be oozing out from under the Beachland’s doors, and you’ll be powerless to stop it.
  • FYI: October 10th is World Egg Day.