Roots Rock in the ‘Summertime’; real Mothers (of Invention) for ya

11 02 2011

According to the ever-reliable Weather Underground site (home of some nifty, near-psychedelic graphics), it’s practically going to be summertime this weekend, people, with highs in the 30s. Get crazy! Doff that winter cap! Shuck those long johns! Hell, you might even turn off your infrared space heater and save some pennies in the process.


This Moment In Black History, Friday night. From

This heat wave’s a timely one, too, as we have quite a bit you should come and enjoy. On our Facebook page, the Beachland and her friends have been chatting up this weekend’s  Walk All Over Waterloo: Valentine Day’s Edition. We weren’t quite keen on bringing up the “v-word”, but there it is, lonelyhearts, you can’t escape it, you might embrace it, and if not, there’s some cheap n’ easy fun to be had on our block.  This Friday night features The Davenport Ball (with CLE bands covering Black Sabbath, The Replacements, Wilco, and others) at the Beachland, The Waterloo Alley Cat Fundraiser, and a special apperance by This Moment In Black History at Arts Collinwood.  Think of it as a rugged counterpoint to Tremont’s ArtWalk, but with cheaper drinks, easier parking, and actual rock n’ roll.


Hoots and Hellmouth, this Saturday

If hoedowns and throwdowns are more your style – that is, if twang’s your thang – our entire Saturday’s filled with variations on roots rock. Our 7 pm Tavern show features Long Road, a bunch of serious local singers and strummers with their take on 60s-style folk. Long Road features cats like Ray DeForest, Kevin Richards, and David Budin, all of whom have played a role in Roots of American Music, a music and education non-profit.  At 10 pm, the Tavern gets grimier with honky-tonk, hillbilly, and hardrock compliments of The Not So Good Ol’  Boys with Detroiters Doop and the Inside Outlaws.   Meanwhile, Beachland favorites Cabinet rock the Ballroom with the energetic and magnetic Hoots and Hellmouth:

ZAPPATISTAS: Sunday night features the return of a certain Bunk Gardner to his native home of Cleveland, Ohio. He’s performing with his old Mothers of Invention bandmate Don Preston under the straight-ahead moniker of  “The Don And Bunk Show”.  If you know anything about Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, though, this music will be anything but straight-ahead:

And here they are, much grayer, but without a single musical misstep:

Curious? Read this article on these two ex-henchmen of the legendary Frank Zappa, and come by on Sunday night for The Don and Bunk Show, with opening act Cuda, Renko, and Cuda.

We hear it’s going to be warm on Sunday.


Drive By Truckers wrap-up, gospel singers, and lusty ladies

26 07 2010

gospel singer Naomi Shelton, Wednesday July 28th.

Last Monday’s surprise Drive-By Truckers gig, a very special treat after our Old 97s show and in lieu of the Tom Petty / DBT gig being nixed at Blossom, was the stuff of Beachland legend.  Here are a handful hastily-taken pics for your pleasure. The point is, you’re getting to see just how packed and how manic it was…but it’s also a testimonial to how much people not only love the band, but the Beachland as well.  If you’ve got pics of that very memorable night, find us on Facebook, and cross-post away!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our upcoming Wednesday offers another show that could also be legendary, not unlike our early Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings gigs.  Another artist on the Daptone label, Miss Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens, will arrive amidst great fanfare.  And they sure do deserve it, too. Look alive, and listen:

While you’re here, listen to this WNYC  interview with Miss Shelton.

Much less holy, but no less fiery, is Friday night’s Burlesque-A-Pades show, featuring the Pontani Sisters (who’ve played here before with Los Straitjackets), featuring other national performers like Kitten Deville, and regional performers like Bella Sin.

Naturally, we’ve got plenty more in the coming months, as we cast out our reel and pull up a nice, juicy August from Lake Erie: Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles, Russian superstars Mumiy Troll, and unstoppable Latin funk band Ozomatli. It’s all at We make it nice and easy for ya.

– Beachland

It’s the Weekend, Pal: Oct 23 – 25

23 10 2009

Drummer - this Saturday @ Beachland

Coffinberry‘s been shown ample love on this blog, other blogs, and in print media throughout the country. So we, for the time being, spare the odes to their coolly hot handling of melodic rock full of world-weary yells, clamoring guitars, and tough drumming. Suffice it to say that if they’d been around Chapel Hill in the early 90s, Coffinberry would be one of the great  bands who’d be putting out ‘best-of’ comps and reunion tours right now. And you’d be telling people how ass-kickingly good they were, and how many bathrooms you passed out during your 7 years of undergrad.

They play this Friday, headlining over Mr. Brian Olive, formerly of the Soledad Brothers and The Greenhornes (a Cincy garage-rock combo, two of who are now in Jack White’s Raconteurs).  Also on the bill are the peppy JJ Magazine, who haven’t graced the Beachland stage with their friendly cacophony, the kind that seemingly was the province of certain UK bands from the early 90s (there we go again).

Let’s now turn to a very contemporary culture-meme, the Dude Who Gets Over Harnessing the Power of the Internet (actual movie title!).   Why bother with a van when you can spread one’s music online–specifically if the tunes are about geek culture? If you read this blog–or are actively involved in blogs out there–chances are pretty good you know something about this online subculture. If you don’t, perhaps Friday night’s Ballroom performer, Mr. Jonathan Coulton, can help you out.

Should your geekery align you more into who’s-who-ing it in music, Saturday night’s Drummer show features this ambitious Akron band who includes members of Party of Helicopters, Beaten Awake, Houseguest, and yes, Mr. Pat Carney of the Black Keys on bass.  It’s no Carney vanity project, but rather a group of old friends making the kind of indie rock they love to record and play, as you’ll see here:

While the Ballroom is the ‘Akron’ side of Northeast Ohio underground music goodness, the Tavern serves as the ‘Cleveland’ side (will anyone keep score?) with performances by Casual Encounters, Kent’s Trouble Books (we spoke too soon! Kent, OH just snuck in) and a CD release party for Unsparing Sea, a band whose dark, dramatic epics contain the clank and wheeze of guitars lost beneath a Lake Erie of the imagination.

By the time we get to Sunday, we’ve got performances by LAKE, and K Records’ Karl Blau.  We might have the Browns vs. Packers game on the TV in time for Beachland Brunch (with tunes spun by Joey Beltram of Good Morning Valentine).  But you want to keep your food down, right? Avert your eyes from the carnage, friends.  Or you can instead go to the grand opening of the Arts Collinwood Cafe down the street from us.  Ten bucks gets you into a long day of fun, as detailed at

Questions? Go to


Weekend Preview on Waterloo: October 9 – 11

8 10 2009

Yes, readers, it’s another big Waterloo weekend!  Why, we’ll have everything but a viewing of the recent moon blow-up (though that could probably be easily remedied with a wi-fi connection, a laptop, and a projector).  Here’s a brief run down of what you’ll be experience should you undertake some Collinwood capers:

  • Friday night we’ll host the coyly clever pop of NYers Elizabeth & The Catapult, along with Julliard-trained singer/songwriter Christina Courtin.  New Cleveland pop trio The Red Buttons opens.  NPR did a piece on the lovely Elizabeth and her charming war machine.
  • Saturday night’s bonanza starts with our neighbors kicking up some noise.  The sounds you’ll hear will veer from nasty to mellow, as Music Saves presents an improv-only performance by Trouble Books at 8 pm.
  • Low Life Gallery opens their Second Annual Halloween Spooktacular on Saturday, October 10th, from 8 – 10 pm. Featuring features seasonally-themed works by artists from throughout NE Ohio and beyond, this show runs until October 30th.
  • Shoparooni celebrates its Second Anniversary on Saturday at 7 pm with food, artesenal cupcakes, talent shows, pumpkin carving, and–get this–plenty o’ hooch. How about that?  Sounds like someone’s getting smeared with frosting.  For more information, call 216-383-3699.  And while you’re reading this, learn about one of Shoparooni’s inhabitants: the Munny.
  • Pink Eye Magazine releases their sixth issue to the sounds of Self-Destruct Button, Chief Bromide, Arte Povera, and Buried Wires on Saturday night. This rock event goes down on Saturday, around the usual rock time: call it about 10 pm?
  • For those of you looking for a show that’s more lyrical, more acoustically-oriented, and that’s devoted to a good cause, check out Roots of American Music’s 10th Anniversary Fundraiser on Saturday night,  featuring Alex Bevan and Michael Stanley.  Based in Cleveland Heights, ROAM is an educational organization that uses American roots music to drive the curriculum of local students, grades K – 12.  To learn more about this event, and about Roots of American Music, go to  Recently, Michael Heaton wrote about this double bill of hometown heroes in the Plain Dealer.
  • Sunday night flies high on rock and roll boosters, through lost lunar dust, and into an orbit maintained by the sexily menacing Black Angels.  A comparison would be the hot sonic dread spat forth by 60s hedonists The Doors (esp. tunes like “The End” and “Soul Kitchen”) and the Velvet Underground (the kinky Nico record).  More modern references include the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Jesus and Mary Chain.  Also on the bill are Disappears, and the retooled Dead Moon aka Pierced Arrows, who do it up like a trashy Neil Young and Crazy Horse high on the 13th Floor Elevators.  You’re like, “stop with the comparisons”, but we gotta tell ya, rock n’ roll is going to be oozing out from under the Beachland’s doors, and you’ll be powerless to stop it.
  • FYI: October 10th is World Egg Day.


Tonight: Candye Kane, Jitterbug Lessons, Grovewood Tavern

5 08 2009
Candye Kane @ Beachland Tonight

Candye Kane @ Beachland Tonight

“Let joy be unconfined. Let there be dancing in the streets, drinking in the saloons, and necking in the parlor” – Groucho Marx, A Night At The Opera

With this quote, and without further adieu, we present to you tonight’s extravaganza: tonight’s Candye Kane show, which features top-notch eating, drinking and dancing highlights, that YOU, the customer, can enjoy. The necking–well, you’re on your own. We don’t really have a parlor, anyway.

Enjoy two-for-one tickets to this captivating swing singer’s set by bringing tonight (and tonight’s only) dinner check from our neighbors, the Grovewood Tavern. Located in the North Collinwood area, the Grovewood features a comfy pub atmosphere with high-quality food and a lovingly-rendered list of spirits.  Here’s a brief review of this restaurant in the Plain Dealer, which gives you a run-down of the Grovewood’s standard offerings.  Keep in mind, however, that the kitchen’s always changing things up while staying true to their delicious course.  Your best bet with this hidden Cleveland gem is to just go ahead and call for more information. 

That’s Round One.  Round Two of tonight’s festivities gives you a chance to learn the Jitterbug with national dance champion and owner of Get Hep Swing, Valerie Salstrom.  With the purchase of a Candye Kane ticket, you’ll receive a free lesson starting at 7:30 pm in the Beachland Ballroom.  Here’s a short video from a couple of years back showing exactly what Valerie can do–and can teach you:

Then, by 8 PM, you’ll be ready for no-holds-barred lusty blues as can only be crooned and hollered by Miss Kane.  This ain’t your grandaddy’s swing; but then again, we don’t know how he did with the ladies, either:

In the opening slot is an old friend and tourmate of Ms Kane’s, the young but talented singer/guitarist Dani Wilde.  Her wholesome demeanor belies her ardent cover of John Lee Hooker’s “In The Mood”:

Also in the opening slot are Cleveland’s hard-swingin’ jump group, Blue Lunch. For information on tonight’s show, call the Beachland at 216-383-1124.

FREE show @ Blue Arrow Records: Tomorrow Night

29 07 2009
Founding Fathers, Casual Encounters @ Blue Arrow Records

Founding Fathers, Casual Encounters @ Blue Arrow Records

Tomorrow night, don’t be shy and visit our fine neighbors, Blue Arrow Records, as they throw a very special shindig.  Two of Cleveland’s great new bands–Casual Encounters and Founding Fathers–will grace the Blue Arrow stage.  Genre-defying musician Sam Goldberg will attend to DJ duties.

Casual Encounters features members of Exit Stencil Recordings’ Hot Cha Cha, Good Morning Valentine, and Poor Sailor (last we checked).  Founding Fathers also includes a stellar lineup, with John Kalman (Roué), John Neely (Tokyo Storm Warning), Stanton Thatcher (Tall Pines), and Carol Anne Schumacher (Tough and Lovely, Reigning Sound, Detroit Cobras)

 The fun starts at 6 pm. There’ll be food, beverages, and discounts on Blue Arrow’s amazing selection of records and collectibles!  And admission, dear reader, is FREE.

Since we’ve mentioned Good Morning Valentine in passing, we thought we’d hip to their very special upcoming motorcycle tour. That’s right: GMV frontman Joey Beltram and his cohorts Wendy Howell and Pat Slabaugh are hitting the Midwest and West Coast, Easy-Rider Style.  Here are the dates:

tue 8/11 Cleveland, OH
| wed 8/12 Cleveland, OH
| thu 8/13 Chicago, IL
| fri 8/14 Madison, WI
| wed 8/19 Kalispell, MT
| thurs 8/20 Spokane, WA
| fri 8/21 Seattle, WA
| sat 8/22 Olympia, WA
| sun 8/23 Portland, OR
| weds 8/26 San Francisco, CA
| fri 8/28 Los Angeles, CA
| sat 8/29-30 San Diego, CA
| mon 8/31 Joshua Tree, CA
| tues 9/1 Phoenix, AZ
| weds 9/2 Flagstaff, AZ
| fri 9/4 Salt Lake City, UT
| sun 9/6 Denver, Co
| tues 9/8 Omaha, NE
| weds 9/9 Cedar Rapids, IA
| thurs 9/10 Chicago, IL
| fri 9/11 Bloomington, IN
| sat 9/12 Dayton, OH
| sun 9/13 Cleveland, OH

We’ll have more on this Beachland fave’s exciting and unique adventure later; for now, you can keep up with the trio at  As a tribute, we’ve attached this fine version of the Byrds‘ “Wasn’t Born To Follow”:


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BBQ and Bootsy: Follow Up To The Throwdown

28 07 2009
Bootsy Collins @ BBQ Throwdown

Bootsy Collins @ BBQ Throwdown

Thanks to all who came out to’s 1st Ever Rock and Roll BBQ Throwdown this past Sunday.  Though it’s not written a such in conventional culinary dictionaries, a “throwdown” means a tossing of the glove in the culinary ring; a sweetly-seasoned”I dare you”; a tale of the tastiest.  The blog Fun Playing With Food provides  photos detailing this past Sunday’s culinary excellence:

Also adding to this nice narrative is blogger Bridget Callahan, who raves about the sweet treats–ice cream and popcorn–that rocked her tummy.

Rocking the crowd through the mere funk of his presence was legendary bassist Bootsy Collins.  Bootsy, a Cincy native, came to spread the word about his own BBQ chain as well as add some get-down to the Throwdown. provides you with some Bootsy and some other party insights.