Thursday: Elephant Stone, from Montreal

9 11 2010


Elephant Stone from Montreal, this Thursday.

Lovers of that delicious and lysergic mash, gobbled by those who hunger for pop and psychedelia, sizzling in their brains like electric fizzy candy? Look no further than this Thursday’s show with Montreal dudes Elephant Stone, named aftera great tune written by Brit Pop giants, The Stone Roses.

From Here We Go Sublime writes in a piece dating back to last year:

SITAR – a hippie’s instrument of choice usually comes off as pretty cheesy in most instances. However, Elephant Stone is an exception. Hailing from Montreal, Elephant Stone is one of the better psychedelic bands of the recent years. They are relatively unknown but the recent nomination for 2009 Polaris Music Prize should definitely help them to gain some publicity….Rishi Dhir who fronts the band has also done some sitar work on the last Black Angels album titled “Directions To See A Ghost”. Check out Rishi’s amazing sitar work on the track “Dee-Ree-Shee”:

Rishi once played in The High Dials, a band whose sound gained affection from not only the Beachland, but from the programmers at Little Steven’s Underground Garage.  Rishi, a swell guy if you’ve ever met one, plays a variety of instruments in this band, but as the blurb above says, he rocks the sitar. His untraditional approach  lays to rest stereotypes of Indians being incapable of ROCK ACTION. Then again, everything lays rest to rock action when you run it through an amp, loudly.

Here’s “Alap”, from The Glass Box EP, by Elephant Stone:

Opening this show are Cleveland favorites Chief Bromide and Hastings Refrigerator Company.



Weekend Preview on Waterloo: October 9 – 11

8 10 2009

Yes, readers, it’s another big Waterloo weekend!  Why, we’ll have everything but a viewing of the recent moon blow-up (though that could probably be easily remedied with a wi-fi connection, a laptop, and a projector).  Here’s a brief run down of what you’ll be experience should you undertake some Collinwood capers:

  • Friday night we’ll host the coyly clever pop of NYers Elizabeth & The Catapult, along with Julliard-trained singer/songwriter Christina Courtin.  New Cleveland pop trio The Red Buttons opens.  NPR did a piece on the lovely Elizabeth and her charming war machine.
  • Saturday night’s bonanza starts with our neighbors kicking up some noise.  The sounds you’ll hear will veer from nasty to mellow, as Music Saves presents an improv-only performance by Trouble Books at 8 pm.
  • Low Life Gallery opens their Second Annual Halloween Spooktacular on Saturday, October 10th, from 8 – 10 pm. Featuring features seasonally-themed works by artists from throughout NE Ohio and beyond, this show runs until October 30th.
  • Shoparooni celebrates its Second Anniversary on Saturday at 7 pm with food, artesenal cupcakes, talent shows, pumpkin carving, and–get this–plenty o’ hooch. How about that?  Sounds like someone’s getting smeared with frosting.  For more information, call 216-383-3699.  And while you’re reading this, learn about one of Shoparooni’s inhabitants: the Munny.
  • Pink Eye Magazine releases their sixth issue to the sounds of Self-Destruct Button, Chief Bromide, Arte Povera, and Buried Wires on Saturday night. This rock event goes down on Saturday, around the usual rock time: call it about 10 pm?
  • For those of you looking for a show that’s more lyrical, more acoustically-oriented, and that’s devoted to a good cause, check out Roots of American Music’s 10th Anniversary Fundraiser on Saturday night,  featuring Alex Bevan and Michael Stanley.  Based in Cleveland Heights, ROAM is an educational organization that uses American roots music to drive the curriculum of local students, grades K – 12.  To learn more about this event, and about Roots of American Music, go to  Recently, Michael Heaton wrote about this double bill of hometown heroes in the Plain Dealer.
  • Sunday night flies high on rock and roll boosters, through lost lunar dust, and into an orbit maintained by the sexily menacing Black Angels.  A comparison would be the hot sonic dread spat forth by 60s hedonists The Doors (esp. tunes like “The End” and “Soul Kitchen”) and the Velvet Underground (the kinky Nico record).  More modern references include the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Jesus and Mary Chain.  Also on the bill are Disappears, and the retooled Dead Moon aka Pierced Arrows, who do it up like a trashy Neil Young and Crazy Horse high on the 13th Floor Elevators.  You’re like, “stop with the comparisons”, but we gotta tell ya, rock n’ roll is going to be oozing out from under the Beachland’s doors, and you’ll be powerless to stop it.
  • FYI: October 10th is World Egg Day.