Saturday Night’s Trash Night: The Gories, Alarm Clocks, Eddie Kirkland, DJ Mr Fine Wine

23 11 2010

Prepare yourselves now for the rapacious and raw rock n’ roll of The Gories, a Detroit legend who’ve resurfaced from a world of untuned guitars, busted amps and punk rock obscurity, to bless the current world’s need for “primitude”, that feedbacky slapdash approach to music that so many of us love:

How Detroit is this? Postapocalyptic bliss, dancing on the ruins.

And now, back to the future, in front of crazed Parisian partisans, playing John Lee’s “Boogie Chillun”:

As writes:

The existence of the underground garage rock trio The Gories was a rock and roll paragon: dirty, loud, fast and with an early demise. The Detroit-based band came together in the mid-’80s, building a steady cult following in the metro area before their cassette-only releases landed them a deal with Crypt Records, a Hamburg-based imprint specializing in ’60s underground rock. Three official LPs on Crypt followed, and some single releases and a European tour later, the band called it quits by the early ’90s. Yet despite having been broken up for nearly a decade, The Gories influence was significant enough to pave the way for the various blues-infused garage rock imitators of the early aughts

This Saturday night of sweat, soul and shimmy wouldn’t be complete without one of Cleveland’s many contributors to that gnarly pre-70s sound: The Alarm Clocks (featuring new-ish guitarist Tom Fallon, from The New Salem Witch Hunters, Pink Holes, and many other CLE classics):

Opening are Detroit bluesman Eddie Kirkland and WFMU soul DJ Mr Fine Wine, whose great radio shows you can download in podcast form at

a flyer for our special guest, DJ Mr Fine Wine

Here’s your Thanksgiving, Cleveland. So shake that stuffing, turkey.  No tunes from a box of Stove Top–just a bounty of sound!  And if you haven’t properly peeked at, you might want to–we’ve got holiday mayhem lined up for pretty much every night of this coming week!



Garage Rock with Gringo Star, Monday Night

24 08 2009
Gringo Star on wheels

Gringo Star on wheels

Among one of the beauties of Atlanta-based Gringo Star is the fact that they can sound like some permutation of the Kinks while penning a tune called “All Y’all”.    With any luck, this Monday night’s Beachland show is gonna be a lot like what you see in this video–kind of a riff on hip-hop party videos.  Except this one has a Segway:

A recent Spin magazine post gives some backstory to these ATL loonies. And to you, the Reader,  can hear and download psychedelic sock-hop tune “Come On Now”.  But it’s not all British Invasion poses with these guys; “Tonight the Moon Doesn’t Matter” and “Ask Me Why” works as the soundtrack to a haunting moonlight drive full of sleep-deprived spookiness.

Sleep-deprived are what these fellows must be, what with a relentless touring and recording schedule that brought them to this year’s Lollapalooza.  Yet despite those long miles and relentless nights logged, Gringo Star always puts on a high-energy show, as a Lollapalooza reviewer attests.   And we get the feeling that a Monday night in Cleveland won’t keep Gringo Star from raising some rock n’ roll hell.

Opening this show are the excellent The Modern Electric and the hard-working Kid Tested, both from Cleveland.  Seven bucks gets you in.