Welcome to Beachland Ballroom and Tavern, 2011!

3 01 2011

Welcome, True Believers!  We thought we’d kick off the year with a selection of compliments, from you, the people who really do make Cleveland the rock n’ roll mecca that it is.   These are actual testimonials from fans who’ve come from near and far to share in our musical plenitude.

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Thanks! We know we’ll see you in 2011…otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?

From Keith Garner: We had a great time and really enjoyed a lot of great shows with you guys this year. Highlights were Mumford and Sons – Love to see them back, though they are now so huge that might be tough. Cory Chisel was great as was Deer Tick.

From Andy Osters: As for the year-end concert review, all I can say is that on July 20th I had 8 tickets, a limo and a cooler full of beer lined up for the Tom Petty show at Blossom only to hear that the show was canceled due to Mike Campbell’s illness. I was pretty disappointed as my favorite band, Drive By Truckers were set to open. With the beer on ice, I called a good friend of mine and asked if he was still planning on attending the Old 97s show at the Beachland that same night. He said he was and I told him I would order tickets. We then got word that someone at the Beachland offered DBT the opportunity to drive up for the 97s show. Not only did they attend, but they wanted to plug in and play the TAVERN after the Old 97s set!!!! They sold out the Ballroom back in April (another excellent show) and if this show was gonna happen, we were not missing it.

We called the Beachland before it was officially announced and the person on the other end said, “how did you hear about that? I’m gonna have to call you back”. She did just that a few minutes later. We got our $10 tickets and were treated to an amazing night of music by two of the best live bands around. Old 97s played for almost 2 hours and the Truckers did the same. One of the greatest evenings of music that I have ever been a part of.

I got a chance to see you that night at the back of the Ballroom and said a brief “thank you” while sporting my Hood / Cooley shirt. Please allow this to serve as a formal “Thank You again”.

As for helping out, perhaps I can send a few dollars your way to help pay for the ceiling tiles that Patterson Hood destroyed with the mic stand at the end of the DBT set. What a great night!!

From Mark Gregg: Favorite shows in 2010, in no particular order: Band of Heathens, Shelby Lynne and Findley Brown, Grant Lee Phillips, Eli Paperboy Reed, Roger Clyne,Betty Levette, Marc Broussard, Paul Thorn, Dave Alvin, The Watson Twins, Subdudes and Alejandro Escovedo. Thanks for all you do for Cleveland.

From Paul Sherlock: Appreciate the opportunity to give feedback. There have been so many shows that I loved seeing at the Beachland. It is by far my favorite venue to see shows, since you provide such a wide array of entertainers. Performers that I have seen in the last year at the Beachland that I would love to see come back (repeatedly): Eli Reed, Cowboy Mouth (will be ordering tickets today), Wussy, Old Boy, April Smith, Whiskey Daredevils, Prisoners, Company of Thieves, Mike Gordon, The Gories, The Alarm Clocks, Donna The Buffalo, Raquy and The Caveman, Hot Cha Cha, Mr. Gnome. And I know there are many others that I am not thinking of; I like to put out a weekly calendar of upcoming shows and was only able to reference a few of them. I have easily been to the Beachland over 50 times this year, probably closer to 75. So keep up the good work!

From Edwin Shank: 2010 marked my first show at the Beachland and glad to say I attended many this year. My favorite show was Steven Kellogg and the Sixers opening up for NeedToBreathe. They both were great acts and NTB just blew me away how good they are! We also saw Eliza Gylkison there and she was great–another favorite show. We saw Glass Harp and Phil Keagy and WOW, what can you say!!!

From Reed Porter: I live in the Akron-Cuyahoga Falls-Stow area and come to every show at the Ballroom that I can. I absolutely love the laid-back vibe of the venue and the fact that patrons are not treated as guilty loiterers needing to be patted down and shuffled around. We can even come and go as we please….imagine that!!!! Then, there’s the main stage, which is great acousically, too! This year’s memorable show to me was Stickmen – with the great Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto and Michael Bernier. What a great gig!! I was given the set list by the sound engineer as he could see how much I enjoyed the show and the sound was phenomenal! Another show that I couldn’t believe was even going to be in this area was VanDerGraff Generator! Good job of securing that gig….hats off to your director of shows! I offer my utmost gratitude to you and all the great staff at the Beachland Ballroom.

From Joe Cole: There is actually 2 shows that you guys put on that had a profound effect on me.The first one was Mr. Jimmie Vaughan !!! The best Fathers Day ever. Then talking to this living legend afterwards was the end to a perfect day ! The second show was Los Lobos !!! I know it wasn’t at the ballroom but I know you guys had a big hand in that show. I had one of the worst days of my life that day and wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. Lucky for me I did !!! What a kick ass show it was!!! It made me forget about my sorrow for a few precious hours! I can`t stand the big venue concerts anymore!!! The Beachland brings just as much talent to an intimate venue. You guys just rock !!! and I hope to see you in 2011 !!!

From Ed and Darlene Stube: Thanks for all your hard work. We drove up from Athens four times this past year to see shows at Beachland. Our favorite was The Subdudes. We’d really like to see them again. Again, thanks for bringing great live music to Cleveland.

From Elaine Seith: I’ve had the pleasure of attending concerts this year at the Beachland. Coco Montoya, Junior Brown, and Wanda Jackson to name a few – all were really good shows. Whitey Morgan a few weeks ago in the tavern was great!