Got Funk If You Want It – Trombone Shorty, this Friday

1 04 2010

Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue, this Friday

Hailing from New Orleans’ 6th Ward Tremé district comes Trombone Shorty aka Troy Andrews and a hornful of funk.  And what says summertime more than some hot, wave-your-hands-in-the-air-like-you-just-don’t-care grooves?

Let’s drop back a bit time-wise, 2001, where we can see a very young Andrews choppin’ it up on an Armstrong number alongside Cleveland native Dominick Farinacci.  Andrews kills this one on trumpet:

Fast forward many years, where Shorty is sharing the spotlight with one of his NOLA musical kinsmen, Wynton Marsalis:

And here’s Mr. Shorty and his totally dope group, Orleans Avenue. Don’t bump this too loud at work–or maybe you should, depending on who really needs a pick-me-up: 

Who Dat? Trombone Shorty. This Friday, at the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern.


Preview and Now-view: Up Ensemble @ Waterloo Cafe; Unsparing Sea & Walk On Waterloo

26 08 2009
Cracker, Looking Up

Cracker, Looking Up

This electronic candygram is coming your way fast: open the door, get your prize, and look inside. Waterloo awaits this week.

Say you’re looking for a “date night” spot, and oh, this might be the first time around for both of you? We can’t think of a better spot for the both of you to bask in than the Waterloo Cafe, right down the corner from the Beachland.  Good food, refreshing beverages, mellow company, and the sexy, swingin’ sound of acclaimed Cleveland jazz trio Up Ensemble.  The Waterloo Cafe, located at 15601 Waterloo Road, starts this informal but classy musical affair at 9 pm. If your dates goes well, request the standard “Embraceable You”; if things turn sour, ask Up to play the entirety of Ornette Coleman’s This Is Our Music, and lose yourself in ecstatic hollerin’ while your date’s droning voice fades into the distance.

If you’re not feeling the miracle of bop but would rather feel the mystery of Lake Erie in sound, dig on Unsparing Sea, who open for The Rural Alberta Advantage, tonight in the Beachland Tavern.  This group, whose moaning slide guitars and rumbling cello bring to mind bands like Slint and The Dirty Three, are making a splash (I know, sorry) with their latest EP, In the Crystal Canyon (reviewed here at WeHateYourHate).  Meanwhile, Unsparing Sea is preparing its newest full-length, entitled In The Diamond Caverns, slated for an October release.  Here’s “Wolves At A Wedding”:

If you’re looking for a Thursday night pick-me-up, to restore your faith in all things Cleveland, make plans for Walk All Over Waterloo, an informal crawl of the block featuring galleries, shops, food, booze, and yes, even music. Isn’t that a shock?  Us? Music, food, drink?  Yep.  And down the street from us, electro-funque duo Arte Povera will perform at Exit Stencil Recording Studios, while ArtsCollinwood throws a mini-benefit starting at 5 pm, featuring artwork by Scott Radke, Dott Schneider, Niko Angelis, and–guess–food!  At the rate we’re going, somebody will have to step up and put a gym on this block.  Hell, a proper bike trail will do.  Somebody call the County!

Now, for your pleasure, a thrilling preview of this weekend’s upcoming rock action with Cracker and those Cleveland cads of cowpunk, the Whiskey Daredevils.  This slice of excitement is brought to you by the good people at Addicted To Vinyl and Cleveland Bachelor.  Take it away, gentlemen!


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FREE music Wednesday: presents Suede Brothers, Lords of the Highway, Pale Hollow, Kristine Jackson and Walkin’ Cane

14 07 2009
Suede Brothers, FREE this Wednesday

Suede Brothers, FREE this Wednesday

The Summer Concert Series thrown by our friends at comes to its third and final installation on Wednesday, July 15th.  Bands from the area will perform for FREE, while their performances are shot and taped for posterity on WKYC Channel 3.  Mix Beachland drink specials with prime-time camera work, and you might find yourself a new career if you’re not careful.

Once regularly known on Cleveland’s jazz and blues circuit as an in-demand trumpet player, Kristine Jackson turned her attention the vocal expression of said genres.  A good deal of woodshedding’s not only gotten her here at the Beachland, but also on stages throughout Northeastern Ohio.  Here’s a look at Ms. Jackson live stamping her imprint on a Johnny Cash number:

Clearly Kristine handles this number with aplomb; making this Metromix gig even sweeter will be the presence of Austin Walkin’ Cane, who’ll be playing with Jackson in a duo setting. Here’s some Walkin’ Cane, telling a tale that many a Clevelander can relate to:

Recalling the sound of Oasis and other 90s UK bands, Pale Hollow holds down the second spot on this bill.   An online review writes:

Now here’s an exceptional disc. Pale Hollow is Cleveland’s Michael Allen and he recorded this album in Detroit, but don’t be fooled – this is the sound of the English Midlands rather than the US Rustbelt, and he’s given us a tasteful disc of the highest craft. Think Muswell-era Kinks as interpreted by Teenage Fanclub with an attention to craft and detail (Absolute Powerpop)

Their award-winning video for “Sugarcane” not only sounds great, but also highlights some Cleveland hotspots you might have seen before:

Lords of the Highway’s bio says they’ve been driving a “hellbound rig” since 1992. Whatever sort of machine they’re driving, they’re more louder, faster, and more efficient than RTA bumped up with a tax raise.  And much cooler.  Here’s their hilarious ode to the  “Grandpa’s Cheese Barn” franchise, redolent of a Big Chuck and Little John bit:

Last but not least, headliners the Suede Brothers play riffs so big and heavy that Channel 3 might have to get an extra camera or two just to capture them.  Yet their three-story sound packs the added wallop with solid hooks and gutsy vocals by guitarist Dylan Francis.  The Suede Brothers are finishing up their latest, Ill New You; here are some cuts:

Suede Brothers “Homebreaker”

Suede Brothers “Sweet Nothing”

Doors are at 8:30 pm, show starts at 9. Like we said, it’s FREE!


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