This Tuesday: Josh Ritter, Sonoi, Lea Lou

6 07 2009
Josh Ritter @ Beachland July 07

Josh Ritter @ Beachland July 07

Tomorrow night, we’re pleased as punch to present you with a very special performance by former Oberlin resident, and Beachland favorite, Josh Ritter. Here’s a guy who’s plowed his own path in the contemporary singer-songwriter fame with just the right amount of critical press yet temperered with his own uniquely driven approach and voice.

The videos below will give a taste of what Ritter’s all about. Of course, if you read about him, you’ll hear the ubiquitious Bob Dylan references. On the other hand, if you walk through the garden of rock music, odds are Dylan Johnny Appleseed’d those beds ages, ago, so comparisons are moot. We’ll let you decide for yourself with the rambling, tumbling ruckus he calls “To The Dogs or Whoever”:

Here Ritter deliberately shifts his focus to another great American artist, Tom Petty:

And since we’re on a covers kick–getting you through the door, so to speak–here’s Ritter playing a party (!) at some lucky person’s apartment. The tune is none other than Bruce Springsteen’s haunting “The River”:

Now that we’ve regaled you with Josh Ritter, we’ll tip you off to our Tavern show of Sonoi (members of Manishevitz), a Chicago indie rock group; St. Francis Arms; and Lea Lou. The cover’s six bucks, but if you get tickets to the Josh Ritter show in the Ballroom, the Sonoi show is FREE.  Here’s Clevelander Lea Lou live: