Folk with Frontier Ruckus, Hoots and Hellmouth on Weds, Feb 3

2 02 2010

Frontier Ruckus (pictured above) and Hoots and Hellmouth, this Wednesday

The tendrils of roots music are constantly growing and mutating before our very ears.  Perhaps there’s something thrilling, relaxing and maybe even transcendental in the wooden strum of an acoustic guitar underneath a human voice?  Whatever the reason, this music fulfills an essential human need; Wednesday’s two bands grab this desire in ways that are diverse and yet equally lovely.

Frontier Ruckus prefers to sing about night haunts, lit only by moonglow glimmers, where old legends float on the snowy northern winds of their Michigan home.  Here Frontier Ruckus performs the moody “Nerves of the Night Mind” for Paste Magazine:

They also performed Neil Young’s “Campaigner” at the same session:

In contrast, Hoots and Hellmouth sound like friends and family gathered near a bonfire, ready for singing and dancing.  These high-energy dudes bring some much needed stomp and song to these Philly morning TV stiffs:

Here they shake up the radio waves in Louisville, KY, with a rousing rendition of their gospelly number, “Let My People Go”:

Doors to this shindig fly open tomorrow ’round 8:30 PM. White Pines opens. For more information, go to