Thursday: Elephant Stone, from Montreal

9 11 2010


Elephant Stone from Montreal, this Thursday.

Lovers of that delicious and lysergic mash, gobbled by those who hunger for pop and psychedelia, sizzling in their brains like electric fizzy candy? Look no further than this Thursday’s show with Montreal dudes Elephant Stone, named aftera great tune written by Brit Pop giants, The Stone Roses.

From Here We Go Sublime writes in a piece dating back to last year:

SITAR – a hippie’s instrument of choice usually comes off as pretty cheesy in most instances. However, Elephant Stone is an exception. Hailing from Montreal, Elephant Stone is one of the better psychedelic bands of the recent years. They are relatively unknown but the recent nomination for 2009 Polaris Music Prize should definitely help them to gain some publicity….Rishi Dhir who fronts the band has also done some sitar work on the last Black Angels album titled “Directions To See A Ghost”. Check out Rishi’s amazing sitar work on the track “Dee-Ree-Shee”:

Rishi once played in The High Dials, a band whose sound gained affection from not only the Beachland, but from the programmers at Little Steven’s Underground Garage.  Rishi, a swell guy if you’ve ever met one, plays a variety of instruments in this band, but as the blurb above says, he rocks the sitar. His untraditional approach  lays to rest stereotypes of Indians being incapable of ROCK ACTION. Then again, everything lays rest to rock action when you run it through an amp, loudly.

Here’s “Alap”, from The Glass Box EP, by Elephant Stone:

Opening this show are Cleveland favorites Chief Bromide and Hastings Refrigerator Company.



Waterloo Arts Festival on Around Noon TODAY on WCPN

26 06 2009
Waterloo Arts Fest today on WCPNs Around Noon

Waterloo Arts Fest today on WCPN's "Around Noon"

Today’s blog entry sends us in the direction of the updated Arts Collinwood website, which supplies with a list of activities for tomorrow’s very special Waterloo Arts Festival, including a printable map of the street’s various hot spots.  Click HERE for details.

Eager ears might want to tune in online to WCPN, for an interview with some of the folks who’ve made the Waterloo Arts Festival a reality, including the owners of Music Saves and Lowlife Gallery.  They’ll be on today’s “Around Noon” program, which you can listen to right HERE, or by simply tuning into 90.3 FM on your radio dial.  An article on the rebirth of the North Collinwood area, printed in the Wall Street Journal, is also available HERE for your reading pleasure.

If you haven’t been keeping up on this blog, we’ve already posted info on tonight’s two big shows: The Church/Adam Franklin (x-Swervedriver) in the Ballroom, and the Coffinberry CD release party with Bill Fox, Founding Fathers, and Uno Lady in the Tavern.  Ticketing and times for these two shows are available on

And in memoriam of MJ, we have Ian Brown, of immortal UK band Stone Roses, regaling us with his version of Mr. Jackson’s “Thriller”: