Big Shows Coming Up: Ozomatli, Shellac, Breeders

20 08 2010

Though these shows are a couple weeks away, we simply must tell you about these real gems.  We’re letting you know that each of these is a potential sell-out–so act fast, and grab your tickets via the Beachland website, or call the club at 216-383-1124.

Ozomatli, Sunday August 29th

Sunday, August 29th – Yeah, we know it’s a Sunday. But where else you gonna get this much Latin rock n’ funk. It’s gonna fill your soul like arroz y habichuelas, alcapurrias, empanadas, y mas.  Come down to the Beachland on August 29th and get nourished by the flavorful soul of Ozomatli, a multi-racial band that can seemlessly move from funk, rock, hip hop, to acumbia / salsa / reggaeton matched by very few bands in our hemisphere.  These cats bounce with G-Funk LA prowess, roll like Parliament, bring it like Fishbone, and leave no musical stone unturned in search of The Total Summertime Party.

“Elysian Persuasion” off their latest, Fire Away, as performed on the George Lopez Show:

“La Gallina” from their breakthrough record, Don’t Mess With The Dragon. For all you hip urban farmers out there:

To commemorate this exciting show, the Beachland’s offering a live digital recording of show for the first 50 ticket buyers.  Call 216-383-1124 for details on that one.  Furthermore, paying $35 at the door not only gets you a ticket, but an Ozomatli messenger bag, a copy of Fire Away, and various other goodies like stickers and a bandana. Consider that a DEAL.

Warming you up before Ozomatli’s set is an Ozo Tailgate party, complete with a Tropical BBQ and tunes by DJ Felix from  This outdoor feast starts at 6 pm; the concert starts at 8 pm.  It’s all been brought to you by the Beachland, Clamato (good for bloody marys, and hangovers!), Brazilian restaurant Sergio’s Saravá, non-profit arts education group Passport Project, and Latin entertainment company

Shellac, September 1

Shellac, September 1 / Breeders, September 2 – Flip from Ozomatli’s bounce to a two-night 90s underground buzz with a two-night stretch highlighting some of the nastiest and the nicest of that era in rock.

No one, for the last rocks quite like Shellac. Classic rock and punk riffs are stripped down to a true ‘heavy metal’ essence; that is, electric bass and guitar are made to sound probably akin to drywall saws, instead of the creamy, thick sound we’re all so familiar with.   Albini shouts, whispers and cajoles like an irritated PBS narrator; meanwhile, drummer Todd Trainor anchors this mechanical reimagining of rock with big, propulsive drumming.

Here’s the band, live in Serbia, playing their not-quite hit single, “Steady As She Goes”. Don’t think for a minute they don’t know this song’s main riff is mere notes away from Deep Purple’s “Highway Star”:

On the flip side, we have one of the many bands Shellac’s Steve Albini’s recorded throughout his career as recording engineer: The Breeders, still featuring the Deal Sisters (Kelly, and Kim, who played in some one-off band called The Pixies).

Yeah, you’ve heard this one on the radio before:

And here’s what the Deals have been up to. Here’s a tune from their latest, Fate To Fatal:

The Breeders are irrepressible live–it’s like your stoner punk rock aunts and their best friends, crashing your party.  Other good friends will be celebrating that night as well; pro-Cleveland pals The Founding Fathers–currently one of CLE’s most beloved bands–will be performing after the Breeders in the Tavern.  And if you get there early–as you should–we’ll be having food and drink specials in the Tavern before the Breeders show, with special hosts, DJs like Pat the Producer from 92.3 FM’s Inner Sanctum.

Need tickets? Get thee to




One response

30 08 2010
Nancy Wasen

Ozomatli was the groove. OMG was that a fun show. The Beachland never lets me down but this show counts as one of the most enjoyable of 2010.

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